Auction Mania!

Log Entry for the 9th of November 2014.

Monday, I think I removed everything I had accumulated in storage at Crystal Palace and teleported directly to Chug’s Hideout where I unburdened myself. I visited my home at Treasure Island Castle and found that I could now spawn my snablesnot pet, so far Calypso and Crystal Palace are the only places this has worked. I had some pet food in storage so was able to feed him but had left his collar on Toulan so will need to retrieve this. I headed to auction where I created 19 auctions consisting of both stackables and items, I have more too do but needed a break.

Wednesday, after updating my records with regards to sold auctions I placed a few more items and stackables onto auction before trying the Halloween instance. I found a Mr. Pumpkin, this took a little time as there did not seem to be one at all the locations mentioned. I talked to Mr. Pumpkin, he was supposed to advise me as to which level of the instance I should try based on my skills and equipment but just gave me 5 choices of levels so I tried level 3 it being in the middle way, I think it turned out about right as some of the mobs took a little concentration for me to remain alive and sometimes I failed in this task. I did kill the big Pumpkin without any issue and got myself 50 Pumpkin points by the end of my hour in the instance, the very last mob I killed did provide a small global, I did try another after that but the session expired before I terminated it. I used all of my A105, a little of my A104 and my Archon’s Sword, the Karma Killer had damage enhancers 1 to 5 fitted, armour was Viceroy with 5B plates about 250 PED of ammo was used and overall a loss of over 100 PED was incurred.

Saturday, I tried Halloween Mayhem again, the result was poor but I did take a time out to look around, the haunted house looks pretty good, pity it is not populated but I guess each instance can only be allocated so much memory. 9 more auctions were created and I have had quite a lot of sales. Later it was time for Space Skilling Saturday during which I picked up another hit point bringing me to 172 in total, I also picked up several crafting skill gains.

Sadly that was it for me, I do not have quite as much time available as I used to, sometimes real life just becomes to busy.