2 day week 2.

Log entry for 27th of September 2015

It was a different 2 days so there is some variation.

Thursday, I revisit the Shubs, I hope they will be generous. I take on mostly Xanthippe but also Tempest the Eradicator and the somewhat worryingly named Castrantias the void. They are not generous and the return of 74% does not bring me joy in spite of the 2 small globals. I do get to 205/500 for the shub mission and the level percentage for Laser Pistoleer (hit) goes up to 94.76% so it’s not all bad.

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday occurs.

For the week I have lost 268 PED which gives a return of 68%.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

On the Rock.

I started the week thoroughly enjoying myself on Rocktropia, I was serving the nation again working toward the completion of stage 3 by the end of the day I still had about 250 werewolves left to kill. The Skill Pills are great, I can see my skill increasing quicker and have been working out how much ammo I need with what set-up on the Karma killer for it to last an hour and thus get the most I can from each pill, so far it seems that with werewolves and no enhancers 250PED of ammo lasts just over 55 minutes. It’s a pretty intense 55 minutes though, not sure if I can keep it up. The loot has not been terrible either, managed a small global with a 20PED ESI and another loot contained a generic fuse which is always good as it saves me buying them to make warp drives.

Wolta and I finally got around to a team hunt, we tried werewolves first and then Motorhead Security, it was short hunt, I only used about 90 PED of ammo, we did score a small global, team name of Sleepyheads. We need to do this more often unfortunately we do not seem to be on line at the same times very often, I guess it’s a summer thing.

Tuesday, I continued to serve the nation, financially a less rewarding day but the skills are still improving with the skill pills, this hunt consisted of 250 PED of ammo, an un-amped and un-enhanced Karma Killer and un-plated Viceroy lasted slightly longer than the pill but I had lessened the pace a bit. Most of the time I do not need the armour but with werewolves being as aggressive as they are I several times found myself up against 6 or 7 so it definitely saved my bacon.

Wednesday, much the same as Tuesday except I tried the harrier armour with 5b plates, this provided more than adequate protection, unfortunately the returns were slightly worse. I did complete the The History of Vampire Helena #3 (kill 1000 werewolves) , I am not sure what the reward was I think I was told at mission start. I did start The History of Vampire Helena #4 (kill 5000 werewolves) the reward for which is first aid, a long mission and one I probably will not start on this visit, only a few days left before we move on and I would like to try a few more mobs.

Friday, I didn’t forget Thursday it’s just that I did nothing. Motorhead Royalty at Lemmy’s Castle, these were tough for me solo, I had to heal a lot and on several occasions I did not heal enough so had to TP back to the mob to finish it. Often I was trying to heal but the lag was delaying it until it was too late which I found very frustrating. I did manage a small global and another loss.

Saturday, I went to Wet Wolf Creek in search of wolves, I did not care if they were wet or dry, I just wished to finish the Vampire Wars #1 mission, I was at about 40 of 100 when I started and it did not take long to complete. Once done I visited Evil Cathedral to take on the next mission. Whilst there I used the rest off the 100PED of ammo to kill zombies, Hell Week has lasted me at least a year and I am not near to completion. Later I heard the call on #Rocktropia that Zombie Kong was going to be summoned so I asked the location and tooled up. I had not done this before, it seems that there are several waves of Zombies to be dealt with before Kong manifests. I really enjoyed this and hope to be able to do it again, didn’t do bad on the loot either got a Tommy Gun of some kind, looks kind of cool. After this I did the first 2 waves before it timed out on me prior to a mad dash to prepare for departure. I TPd a lot of low MU stuff before heading to the Pathfinder for Space Skilling Saturday. After which Nocturaline and I went to the surface of Monria.

Sunday, Monria, I did some of the noob mission sequence and hunted some Yog Scrub and Arbitrator the Vermin, it did not go very well but I did get an increase in Evade. Monria was pretty deserted, other than Nocturaline I saw only 3 other avatars there, maybe it will pick up after the migration on Calypso (I think this takes longer every year). Late in the day I took the ship to Calypso.

Welcome Home

Log Entry for April the 20th 2014

Slightly different format this week, I have had more time available to me and have been able to write most of this at the time as opposed to a week in retrospect.

Monday: Last day on Arkadia.
That’s not to say that I won’t be back. Wolta and I went hunting some Oratan slashers, lancers and miners as well as some Riptor. Wolta did not have time to complete the hunt, sadly she missed out on the two globals that happened towards the end. For me it was a good start to the week.

Tuesday: Calypso welcomes me back.
I arrived fairly early in the morning and decided to go and great the drones at Jason Centre, I had on me 100 PED of ammo that I had carried in space and was content to use that for a quick hunt. For drones I use musca armour, it provides no protection and takes no decay but it does let me wear some 6a plates, the weapon was my unamplified and unenhanced Karma Killer.
The first loot was in the 20 PED area which is a nice start, most loots were good and a little later I scored one around the 30 PED mark. The hunt was topped off toward the end with a 300 PED global from a gen. 1, clearly the drones were pleased to see me and we’re not just packing heat!

Tuesday: The move (day 1).
I began the process of moving the contents of my apartment to the new base of operation at Treasure Island Castle, doing this in several trips so as to remain organised in some way. After getting about a third of the way through I got bored.

Wednesday: The Drones want to have my babies!
The second day on Calypso and I again went hunting drones at Jason Centre, they were slightly less generous today but a 279 PED global is still very welcome, a couple of other decent loots and I reached the conclusion they are seeking some DNA, the horrors that stem from that are just not to be contemplated.

Wednesday: The move (day 2).
I spent a few hours stocking the shopkeeper I have positioned on the porch. Having never done this before it was quite a learning curve, I’m guessing the interface has not been modified since before there where Limited items as it only allows entry of MU in PED not as a percentage. The shopkeeper is now fully stocked and I look forward to selling something, I’m aware the location is not ideal and that there will probably not be much by way of passing trade but I’m going to try anyway. I was surprised by just how many items I have accumulated, I have more than can fit in the shopkeeper.

Thursday: The Drones are losing interest.
Another drone hunt, another global, this time for the minimum of 50 PED, no complaints here, I knew their generosity would not last but it was nice while it did and it has not exactly vanished. A second hunt later in the day yielded no global but I still profited so I was happy. A third hunt was pushing my luck though. Hell, it would have been one ugly baby anyway.

Thursday: The move (day 3).
I moved my knife collection and the second half of my mentor items collection, it was quite fiddly to put together and I’m not exactly happy with it. I shall have to revisit it after I complete moving. The lighting inside seems inconsistent, today it was much darker than previously, either that or I’m losing the plot, I decided to add some lighting to the hall using metal torches, this has made it much easier for me to find my way out. I have also used Halloween torches to cast shadows upon the walls in the office area, this has added some movement to the room and looks a little spooky. I repositioned the shopkeeper based on the idea that sex sells, the only disadvantage is that is now necessary to jump in order to gain access to the building, a small inconvenience.
I decided I should have an off-line record of what is in the shopkeeper so I spent some time creating this, I am planning on using it on the pathfinderxxxi site in a trade page, I would need to update it regularly of course. I’m sure it will have other uses.

Thursday: A little crafting.
I had noticed how expensive Warp Drives had become, I already had enough materials to have an attempt at making just 1, I also had a BP with 2 goes left on it. Needless to say my first attempt failed, undaunted I purchased an additional 2 Generic Fuses and tried again. I have a new Warp Drive 1, full TT, good job I remembered to use residue.

Friday: I think the drones are faking it but I don’t mind.
A couple of hunts, a couple of globals. Nothing spectacular but I turned a profit both times so I’m happy. Definitely seem to be having a much overdue run of luck, I’m tempted to try some bigger mobs just to see if this is limited to drones. On the other hand because they stay as ranged targets I get the best advantage from my sights. Guess there is only one way to find out. I completed the Iron Challenge Drone Stage III and took the 7.75 PED handgun implant as a reward. Before taking the implant my Laser Pistoleer (Hit) Skill was at 52.3640% after it reached 52.4560%, a nice increase.

Friday : The move (day 4).
Basically this is done, my old apartment is empty, all the items have been moved and positioned in the new house. It was sad seeing the apartment empty, not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, it’s not like I’ve left it for the last time.
I bought a few extra items to improve the look of things at Lakeside, I’m particularly pleased with the use of shadows thrown by Halloween torches, some of them are quite spooky. I added some torches outside but unlike Arkadia, Calypso never gets very dark so the effect is limited, I will have a think about using them elsewhere.

Saturday: The drones are no longer trying.
A couple of hunts again, both of which provided returns in the 50-60% region, not a good start to my weekend, I wonder if it is because it’s the weekend or because I completed the Iron Challenge. Probably neither but I will persist with them for a while, I don’t want to give up on a good thing.

Saturday: Additional.
Weekends are normally busy, more people on-line, more interaction:-
Wolta scored herself a Rare Item HoF, anĀ  Omegaton A102 from and Atrax, this while completing her 5k Atrax Iron Challenge.
I added a pair of low TT Rutuba footguards to the Shopkeeper, makes her feet look a little smaller.
Space Skilling Saturday occurred in Calypso Space for the first time in a while.

Sunday: The drones are just stringing me along.
3 hunts today with returns between 64-73% so an improvement, maybe things will improve during the week. I will persevere.

Sunday: Additional.
Wolta has a strange tale to tell of her sub-warp journey to Arkadia in the Pathfinder. Thank you for writing of your experiences Wolta.
Vinge has almost reached 34% of her discipleship, nicely done Vinge.


And that was my week, only one skill gain, I guess low level drones do not provide a lot and no tier increase for the Karma Killer. A busy week though and one I came out of with a profit from hunting so I’m over the Monria.