Log Entry 27-09-12

I had a crack at the Molisk Mania event, I went to Ashi, spawned The Bad Moon Rising and headed to the event area. I unslung the P5a and began the extermination, after firing my 1k rounds plus the looted ammo I had not managed a global, the loot was about average though so things could have been worse, Molisk seem to have more teeth than they used to!

OK, it seems I have the Molisk bug. I completed a further two 1k round hunts although the second of these was cut short by the P5a expiring, the first was at Ithaca and the second at Corinth East Hangers. Ithaca was very busy, Corinth less so but Corinth did result in a profit and in completion of the Molisk 500 Iron Challenge so when finished I visited the mission broker, received the meaningless reward and accepted the 1k challenge. I needed to replace the P5a and I did so but foolishly with an Isis LR53 (L), I seem to have caught the SIB bug, I hope it’s only temporary. The Isis should provide an increase in my lasersniper (hit) skill, I seem to remember it is lagging behind a little. I returned to Corinth, flew to the spawn sight and fired just one round, I was out of ammo! After correcting this I set about the Molisk with a vengeance. I had 200PED of ammo, which is twice as much as I am used to as the Isis burns it quickly, almost twice as quickly as the P5a, strangely it does not hit the amp as heavily. It was not long before I had used it all and set about walking back to the TP sword in hand. Another profitable run but still no global for the competition, tomorrow is another day.

And as it turned out it was, I visited one of the spawns near to Minopolis and was rewarded with a 99PED global which gives me a ticket into the competition however I very much doubt that it is enough to secure the 100th place but it did get me half way through the 1k Molisk. I returned to the Daikiba and broke the 8k mark, on the home stretch now. Later the same day I took on more Daikiba and revisited the Molisk, this time at Nymphtown, loot was poor so I returned to the Minopolis spawn and things improved.

I had quite a long chat with M0niqa, my old disciple (the only one I have had under the new system) she wanted to know about mindforce so I explained this. She had got her hands on an attack chip so I talked her through getting and inserting the mind implant, after which she was off zapping stuff right left and centre.

More Daikiba, more Molisk, I swear I’m going to be dreaming of them!