Spend, Spend

Log entry for the 3rd of May 2015.

Monday, I made some Welding Wire and uploaded 6 images to the Megaview screen, all of which were the wrong orientation (odd as one already there with this orientation works), I removed them and got a partial refund. I re-oriented the images and uploaded again at a slightly lower resolution. These images appeared correctly but when I made the advert sequence nothing worked. I decided to wait.

Saturday, Quite a few auctions sold and I purchased some more Welding Wire BPs, I was contacted by SEXY SPY MONA who offered to sell me some more Welding Wire BPs, however they were on Calypso (as was I) but she was on Arkadia, we decided to meet when we could.

I placed a few more auctions most of which (the pixie parts) sold.

I fixed the advert this is now running at my abode [37460, 52827, 114], I’m relatively pleased with it and find myself wondering if I could make some kind of storyboard movie.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I purchased more Welding Wire BPs and made more Welding Wire. I paid a visit to the Drones at Jason Centre, they were not generous but the Karma Killer made it to tier 5.9, I purchased the necessary stuff to upgrade it to tier 6.

Hunting for the week returned a loss of 136 PED being 86.76%, not too bad but then there were only 2 hunts.


Sell, Sell.

Log entry for the 26th of April 2015.

Monday, more auctions sell and more are placed. I visit the Marcimex just to complete the Stage II Iron mission of 3000 points and after doing so take the Combat Reflexes 5.31 PED reward, it does not do much but I guess it all helps. I got to 531/12000 points in the Stage III mission before quitting with only a 40% return, I shall not return to these for a while.

Tuesday, auctions sell or expire (though not many of the latter), more auctions are placed.

Wednesday, I receive compensation to the amount of 120 PED for something that happened in a competition on Arkadia about Christmas time I think, it had to do with a key if I remember correctly. More auctions sell and more are placed. Wondering what to do I remember the Drones at Jason Centre. I decide to play a visit, the flora seems to have improved, I think the Drones may have taken up landscape gardening as a hobby, they must be spending their PED on something, I get a 71% return and readch 1231/60,000 points for the new mission using no amps or enhancers on the Karma Killer, I estimate it will take about 49 hours to complete the mission. Drone behaviour has changed since my last visit, they have returned to the strategy of running right to you blasting away all the time (like the old days) instead of keeping their distance as they had been doing, it is a shame, the distance gave better aiming when using sights.

Thursday, a couple of auctions sell and 1 expires, I buy a couple of Welding Wire BPs. I could probably place more auctions, I have plenty in storage still but it would be small stacks so I decide to leave it.

Friday, 6 auctions are sold 3 expire.

Saturday, a couple more sales and couple more Welding Wire BPs are acquired, I decide to try making some Welding Wire, the results seem quite poor as I am watching but after over 100 clicks I have lost only about 4 PED so not too bad.

I revisit the Drones for a 58% return, reaching 2385/60,000 and I get a chance to admire their garden.

The highlight of the week is Space Skilling Saturday, which scores a couple of Cosmic Horror globals and a return of 168% as well as being good fun.

Sunday, I sell just 1 auction and purchase a MegaView screen which I repair and fix to the front of my abode at Treasure Island Castle, I have prepared some images to be applied to it to advertise the services offered by the ship, probably a futile gesture but I get the opportunity to be a little creative.

All things considered not a bad week, I lost only 262 PED to the various beasts with a return of 86%, the SSS hunt came to the rescue there. I also managed to finish purchasing the crew uniform to be handed out at next SSS, it should be good for a laugh if nothing else.