Kicking back a bit

Log Entry for the 25th of August 2014.

Planning on taking it easy this week and catching up on a few other things, after last week that should be quite a contrast.

Monday, I was surprised to see Vinge on-line, we spent a little time catching up, hopefully she will be on-line on a more regular basis now that the summer is beginning to fade.

I paid a visit to the Riptor to bring my challenge stat. up to 1160/1200, very close on this one now. Only just managed to go into the red on this hunt so a pretty good to start to my laid back week.

On Calypso auction, a bid placed last week secured me a Lux Armour Plate Case, I will have to pay another visit to Calypso soon so as to collect it. I am hoping this is more than a box that can hold a few plates but am not optimistic.

Wednesday, again I visited the Riptor until such time as I had completed the 1200 challenge, then I jumped into the “Bad Moon Rising” and headed to the nearest Oratan Mine where I got a few more points in the Oratan 60k challenge, only at 5443 after today so still a way to go. I had taken a skill pill for this hunt and burnt a few minutes of it in the Riptor/Oratan transit, at the end of the hunt I had broken the back of Laser Pistoleer (Hit) level 54 and am now closer to level 55, still a long way to go to reach it though. I do hope to have the time to do this very soon. I cashed in the Riptor 1200 but am not sure what I got from it, my memory is getting quire bad.

Thursday, I put quite a few stacks on auction while trying to decide what to hunt, sometimes that’s a really difficult decision and this night was one of those times. By the time I had finished placing auctions I was still clueless! I went to Steadfast to see if the Oratan Miners were spawning again but they were not so I headed underground to have a go at them there. It was a bit more intense than on the surface, what with there being and abundance of Miners unfortunately the results were quite poor. Looks like the Oratan are taking their revenge.

Saturday, I was not sure what to do and in the end had a go at the Teladon, I managed a small global but the return was poor again.

I purchased the Silver Starter Pack as I had run out of skill pills and consider this totally worth the money although I have some items I need to dispose of but I cannot trade, drop or TT them, I suspect this will change and it will at least be possible to TT them.

Later it was time for Space Skilling Saturday which was a slightly unusual session due to the beer. I had sent Wolta a crate of local beer and had a crate here myself, so we managed to have a drink together. Back on Arkadia I watched the auction for for the new market stalls but got fed up and went to bed.

Sunday, I finished my Hadraada Stage 1 and then made some headway into the Madana (pronounced Mad Anna) Stage 1, again the return was not good but nice to gain a few extra skills. In addition the Karma Killer gained tier 5.2, I have been looking out for tier VI components, but these seem to be rather rare, I have checked on entropedia and found the few mobs that drop them so I shall have to focus on these for a while.

Later I headed to Rocktropia and then Calypso to deal with a few auctions.

Results for the week are at just over 78% so overall not too bad.