Shub Niggurath

Log entry for 7th of June 2015

Monday, I decided to try the shubs, there is a mission I have not started which involves finding something in each cave. I could not find these whatever they weres and after checking Monria forum it seems they are some of the shubs in the final cave. I was using the Modec VXT 900 (L) Wolta and myself looted last week with an A105 on it and found this to be quite successful especially after it reached tier 1 and I could get a little extra damage out of it.

I fought my way along the tunnel and into the cave where I headed onwards but to the right slightly. I did encounter one tough shub on the way, I forget the type, but beat it with considerable healing. I made my way into the rear of the cave which was empty. Skirting the cave wall in an clockwise direction I found another TP, useful for a return journey. There were several hard hitting shubs encountered as I continued to skirt the cave wall and I picked these off one by one until I encountered Shub Niggurath, a lvl 50 creature. I decided to chance my arm and picked it off, backing away I continued firing, it was not long before she was upon me and I was struggling, I had to swap continuously between weapon and FAP, fortunately no single hit was hard enough to slay me though some came close and in time I found I was slowly eating away at her hit points, encouraged by this I continued until I finally finished her off and looted, well not very much as it happens. Nonetheless I had solo’d a lvl 50 mob, I’m fairly sure this is the first time I have achieved this, clearly a bigger gun makes all the difference. 2 globals were scored during this foray and I managed a profit of over 100 PED, not counting the weapon decay although even with that it was still in the black.

I rested upon my laurels until:-

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday was early, the return from this was not too bad either.

That was my week, I emerged in the black to the tune of 82PED and a return of 113%, laurel resting pays off.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.