A little more activity perhaps

Log entry for the 22nd of February 2015.

Monday, my week begins in space, as I’m here I decide to assist in controlling the number of Cosmic Horrors in the Calypso training area, we all have to do our bit, imagine space if we did not, just one big mass of writhing tentacles, you would need more than warp drive to get through that. Later I descend to the Calypso surface and tried my hand at fight club, I am killed by a critical hit in round 4 but return to finish the trial. I also meet Tiger, PBG and Lucky there, Soc. members who it’s nice to see after a long absence.

Thursday, I am not there but PBG hits a very nice mining HOF on FOMA, nearly 26k of iron stone. To my knowledge this is the biggest HOF any in the Soc. have had.

Friday, I visit my old adversaries the Rextelum, both East of Saba Camp and on the island in 2 separate hunts, I do not do too badly and finish with 15927/30000 points in the Supreme Rextelum Slayer iron challenge, it is slow going but I will get there. I also spend some time making some welding wire, this has never been profitable but I have lots of materials to make these and it can’t be much more expensive than just buying the wire. Many auctions are placed for my collection of stackables, I really must auction the collection of items I have but not today.

Saturday, I log in for Space Skilling Saturday and find that many auctions have already sold.

Sunday, a Warp Transport for Drop Zone, lots of messing about at Next Island to get one of their members there before I Warp back to Calypso for the first Soc. event we have had in years, this was a Beacon Mission, not a big one but big enough, Tiger had arranged it, it was attended by him, PBG, Lucky and myself who provided the Beacon, it had been in store for years, sadly Wolta could not make it. Tiger is intending to run more events, maybe it will be a return to the old days, I hope so. We all did quite well out of the mission once MU was taken into account. After I made a little more welding wire before beginning my Sub-warp journey back to Next Island. Ending my week as it started aboard Pathfinder XXXI.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Taking being a Sleepyhead seriously.

Log entry for the 8th of February 2015.

It seems being a Sleepyhead is going to my head and I’m rather liking it. 4 day siestas are definitely the way to go.

Monday, I visit the Underground, the tube stations have rubbish names and there’s no proper tube map. I try some Oratan Miners and manage nearly 5 PED profit, I had a very small celebration drinking a shot of beer, pissed that up the wall!

Wolta and Myself try a key 6, these are always both intense and fun. We were both surprised to be getting loot from the mobs we encountered and to make things a little easier both dropped a loot pill. At the end we could find no chest and were both disappointed, we took the TP out of there and after totalling the results I found I had lost over 200 PED and had a return that was just over 30%. I have to say that sucked and I was regretting my earlier extravagance re that shot of beer.

Later I tried an Oratan camp and then some more Miners where I managed to lose another 130 PED, really not my day, I don’t like Mondays.

Siesta time, that beer really went to my head.

Saturday, I awoke feeling refreshed and full of hope, Black Monday was in the past and it was time for super lucky shiny golden Saturday. The Oratan Miners owed me some PED so I went to collect, they pleaded poverty and somehow I ended up losing another 120 PED. Gits!

Having had enough of being fleeced I invested a few PED in an Explosive Projectiles II Blueprint and a further 100 in Nanocubes before setting to work at a manufacturing terminal, I was still optimistic about super lucky shiny golden Saturday in spite of my earlier setback and was pleased to have lost only a little under 11 PED.

Later I headed into space for super lucky shiny golden Space Skilling Saturday, the Cosmic Horrors were bound to have something, how wrong I was, I watched as super lucky shiny golden Saturday transformed into awful unlucky smelly shit brown Saturday and by the time it was over I had lost a further 145 PED.

Sunday, all hope had been beaten out of me by something that was both brown and sticky. I was considering just staying in space and chatting with people but I was within just over 2% of gaining level 57 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) so I descended to the surface and made my way North East to take on the Otorugi with no amps fitted to the Karma Killer, I had 500 PED of universal ammo and decided to just keep shooting until it had run out. I managed 2 globals, 1 of which was into 3 digits, got to 57.0045 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit), woohoo and killed 96 Otorugi which brought me to the grand total of 96/1200 in the IFN Otorugi Stage 3 challenge. Of course I lost PED, well almost, actually I lost PEC, 78 of them but hey that’s almost profit.

During the week 4 additional Soc. members logged in and played quite a lot, Tiger, PBG, Lucky and Ulleh. I hope to visit Calypso next week so we can hunt together for a while, it would be like old times.

Nocturaline purchased an Equus but did not get the UL thruster and warp drive, she is hoping they will show up on Monday.

The week in summary, I lost over 600PED with a return of almost 82%, slept quite a lot and got to chat with some old friends, praise the Ols. Next week I may decide to sleep more.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.