Omegaton Igni L1100E

Log entry for the 11th of October 2015

Tuesday, My week begins in Ancient Greece, I still really like it there even though it’s been spoilt by all the tourists bringing in new technologies and destroying the native creatures. Talking of destroying the native creatures I embarked upon a pointless slaughter of some Steropes using all the technology at my disposal. The return was very poor at less than 50%, you may think the Steropes had the last laugh but there dead an I’m not so na na n’na na. I emptied my Ancient Greece storage of stackables and moved them to Next Island.

At this point my records seem to have a gap in them, I am not sure when but I know I took most saleable stackables and items from Next Island storage and headed back to Pathfinder XXXI at which point I logged and waited. Lizzy came on-line at some point and moved the ship to Crystal Palace and at some point after that I disembarked and put all the Next Island stuff into storage there. After that not sure how long after but I think it was Thursday, I headed to Zeus Space Station in the Pathfinder, overshot and whilst in Gordon’s Belt did a little skilling until the ship blew and both the ship and Myself were returned to Zeus Space Station where we docked overnight.

Saturday, I continued on to Arkadia, why this is not in the ships log I have no idea, some kind of brain fever perhaps, certainly I have days missing, possibly there is a hole I’m my mind. I remember going into the Arkadia training grounds and the ship blowing a second time, I have a vague recollection of repairing at Arkadia Space Station. It is at this point my records begin again with the entry “Arkadia entry tax 2pd” so I must have descended to the surface. I knew why I was there and wandered the streets looking for Nocturaline’s shop, eventually finding it I sought what I had come for and on doing so transferred all earnings from my Arkadia Underground Deeds and my Calypso Land Deeds into my PED card before purchasing the Omegaton Igni L1100E for +10k. Slightly overpriced I think but better to buy from a friend. I repaired the pistol before logging.
Later on re-logging Nocturaline supplies an Arkadian Key 7 and Wolta and Myself join her in this. I got to try out the Igni and was quite impressed, in just 45 minutes it got to tier 0.6, I did a good amount of damage without the need for amps and did not use too much ammo, I shall be watching the figures over the next few weeks. The key as always was fun, with multiple globals, I even completed a mission but I forget which one.
Later still it was Space Skilling Saturday which went quite well.

Sunday, Wolta supplies an Arkadia key 9 and Nocturaline and Myself join her, more fun was had, another mission completed (again I forget which), the Igni got to tier 0.8, there were multi globals and a rare item HoF (Arkadian golden key outer ring x2) plus my max health went up one more notch to 179, the loot was not too good though, unless the rare item sells on auction.

The weeks results were – 453 PED, 65.4%.

I like this gun and am considering giving it a name, more to ponder on.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


A change of scenery

Log entry for the 11th of April 2015.

Monday, I’m still on Rocktropia and still Serving the Nation, A couple of Werewolf hunts each providing a return in the 80%s which is reasonable. I assisted one Miles Main Matheson in his attempt to gain a position in repair on a ship, Space Skilling Saturday went on a little late for him so I provided some contact details. I have not seen him on-line since. Mad Neo Force (a Soc. member) has decided to chip out and is selling all his possessions, its always a shame when this happens though I do understand it, I have considered it myself more than once. Though his play was spasmodic I shall still be sorry to see him go.

Tuesday, more Werewolves, they must be sick of me by now, I managed a 118% return this time which was a nice turn of events. I’m beginning to struggle a bit with a lack of PED, I have so much junk stored on Calypso and I really need to sell some of it so the current plan is to do that instead of taking the lazy option of depositing, it does mean I need to go there for a while though.

Friday, Werewolves, the final fling and another positive run giving me a 127% return and brings me to about 4840/5000 for the “History of Vampire Helena #4” mission, almost finished but I have told the crew and advertised on the site that this weeks SSS is at Calypso so I have to go. Lizzy kindly logs in quite late to transport an off line me and most of my Rocktropian loot to Crystal Palace.

Saturday, At Crystal Palace I TT some low MU loots already stored there and chance my arm, well my trigger finger, against the Kreltin, the return is a tad lower than I would like but I do get to 370/5000 of the Iron Challenge: Kreltin Stage IV. I also break the 60% barrier on my journey to a new level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit). Later its Space Skilling Saturday.

That was my week a change of scenery and a loss of only 81 PED with a 97% return, I would like more weeks like that.

Happy Birthday Wolta

Log Entry for the 2nd of November 2014.

Monday, today was Wolta’s Birthday so we team hunted quite a lot. I know I had sworn not to return to Arkadia until the New Year but for Wolta I made an exception. We hunted both Scoria and Nusul on Arkadia and then after a quick Warp Flight, Kreltin and Aurli at Crystal Palace, the Kreltin provided the smallest loss and the Scoria the biggest. This was quite a lot of hunting for one day at least by my poor standards. We both had a lot of fun.

Later I headed back to Toulan, a long drag of a journey at Sub-Warp.

Tuesday, Jeef Zajer, Duhol & Sunjoq mostly a single hunt providing a surprisingly poor return for Toulan.

Wednesday, 2 hunts, the first as Tuesday, this time providing a much better return, a small profit in fact and a couple of globals. After I did a Bahri 100 mission. Both of these were using Universal Ammo, the shrapnel conversion is a nice touch but messes a little with my record keeping.

Thursday, I set out from Nahar City in an anticlockwise direction around the coast, I picked up a new Sunjoq mission in the Jelly Zone then continued around to Sandy Shores South, hunting as I went……

Saturday, ….. I completed a Jeef Qaher 100 mission which provided quite a good return, I am under the impression that I seldom do well on these, I think I need to test that though.

Later I took a logged out passenger trip aboard Pathfinder XXXI to Crystal Palace, Lizzy was visiting so I took the opportunity to move some stackables to Crystal palace. Lizzy does not write logs.

Later still and with all the loot squirrelled away it was time for Space Skilling Saturday The hunting side of which was rather good and resulted in a profit.

Sunday, I was back on Crystal Palace where Wolta and I teamed initially to hunt Kreltin, I took the secondary roll on this with no amp or enhancers so that Wolta could get most of the kills and complete her Kreltin 500, after which we switched to Aurli, loot was surprisingly poor but we persisted, foolishly as it turns out.

One up and many downs

Log Entry for October the 15th 2013

My stay on Calypso was brief, I had a couple of Rextelum hunts, neither of which went well and On Friday evening meet Lizzy who handed over the Weapon Skill Enhancer Blueprints she had kindly purchased for me from auction. I collected from storage what components I had to make  Weapon Skill Enhancers and purchased a little extra on auction before Lizzy and I headed to Pathfinder XXXI docked at Calypso Space Station. Lizzy was carrying and so logged out and I took us to Crystal Palace for a quick Aurli hunt.

This hunt was the Up of the title and got me a nice HoF of 1688PED which put me at number 4 on the table, it was all oils with no item. After I went shopping and found a bargain, this meant I needed to return to Calypso to auction it! Then it was back into the big black and off to Arkadia.

I arrived the next day and have remained there since, Lizzy joined me on the surface to hand over what she was carrying before we went our separate ways. I have tried 6 hunts since and lost quite badly on each one, this visit Arkadia is not being kind to me, I have got myself half way through the Oratan 20K challenge which Wolta tells me she completed today and have almost done the Huon 400. I have also hunted Otorugi and at the weekend with Wolta, Beladoth, Teladon and Oratan.

I have made some Weapon Skill Enhancers as I ran out of level 1. I have also tier upgraded 3 more parts of the Viceroy, only the gloves, feet and shins are below tier 1 now.

I have seen a few skill increase periods, these have not significantly increased the amount of skill I am getting but every little helps and i do try to take advantage of them when they happen.

I’m hoping things will pick up soon.