Temple raider

Log entry for the 24th of January 2016

Monday, with the skulls gained I raided both the Water Temple and the Forest Temple, I did quite well in the water and not so well in the forest. Both gave globals and the Forest granted me a rare item HoF when I got the forest idol. I do like doing these, there is something about them which is exciting. I think I have misunderstood the messages I get when entering, I read them as though once you had gained access by using a skull you could return to them any time but I think it just means you can return to the same session if you get killed and revived. I did raise a support case but have had no answer, I suspect they are still laughing. After I started on some Kongs to try to get the mountain skull, I had to log before I was finished.

Tuesday, I finished off yesterday’s Kong hunt, the results were a disappointing 50% return and not even a sniff of the skull. I shall have to keep trying. These are not an easy mob for me with my current set-up, maybe I should try a different armour as I spend too long healing.

Saturday, it’s Space Skilling Saturday followed by some the Things, unfortunately I did not return from SSS in time for the Zombie and King Kongs. TigeRPaW very kindly gave me a the King Kong map fragment, Jungle, this will bring my map fragment total to 3 of I believe 7. Big thanks to TigeRPaW, I owe her.

Sunday, I did the Mountain Gorilla event in the hope of gaining a Crystal Skull, I did not win this and came 6th, I did gain several forest skulls though, I will have to hit that temple a few times next week.

This week’s loss is 546 PED, a return of 71%.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


Holy gorilla crap!

Log entry for the 17th of January 2016

Late getting this one on-line, I’ve been too busy, I seem to have made a complete hash of posting it too, even though it is a draft the first line sits on the site waiting for the rest of it.

Monday, I head to Rocktropia, the next task will be happening there so that’s where I need to be. I should probably have updated the ship’s log but I failed.

Tuesday, I try to get into the Biodome and fail using both entrances and a fault in the roof, it’s instant death at entry. I chat some on #rocktropia and learn there is a rather long mission to gain an antidote. I head to Secret Island to make a start on this and spend well over an hour fighting Mountain Gorillas, I make a start and a profit, it bodes well.

Wednesday, I have to kill Kongs so I do so, yesterday’s good fortune does not last and I lose quite a lot and fail to gain the skull I need.

Saturday, it’s Space Skilling Saturday. After which I head back to Rocktropia and join those fighting Zombie Kongs, King Kongs and various Things. This goes spectacularly well there are HoFs and globals aplenty and a return of over 200%, making me 1.5 k PED, this will be a great help, I also gain a couple of Kong map fragments, these are needed for the quest into the Biodome.

Sunday, I set to against the Island Gorillas back on Secret Island and only lose a few PED, I do not manage to gain a Water Skull but I swap a Forest Skull from the Mountain Gorillas with Wolta for a Water Skull. More headway.

The return for the week was 143%, a profit of 1252 PED, a good week.

Looks like I did not make a hash of this post but that the latest “we have to make it work on a tablet” release of the software does not work properly, they are making it harder and harder to find the “this is easy to use on a PC” version of the software, bloody shame.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.