At Toulan (mostly)

Log Entry for July the 6th 2014

The week began on Tuesday (at least for me). I had enjoyed Sunday on Toulan but was not sure if it would sustain my interest for the rest of the week. I went hunting Jeef Zajer and did rather badly but I did complete the Jeef Zajer 100 and the Jeef Qaher 100 missions (for the first time). I found I still liked the style of the place and felt quite happy to be there.

Wednesday, Mostly Duhol for today’s hunt with a few Jeef Zajer that just happened to have gotten in the way, completed the Duhol 100 mission for the first time and had an exceptionally nice return from the hunt almost doubling my ammo investment, 3 globals (none of them logged by tracker) and 15 weapons. The tracker thing is a tad annoying, I did submit a support ticket and was told that they want at least 3 people on the planet running the client to validate the data feeds, that explains why Toulan, Ancient Greece and Next Island showed only one of several globals over the past few weeks. unfortunately tracker support did not update my results. For this hunt I also tried an auto loot pill for the first time, I must say this was quite useful though it took a while for me to not do this manually, I can definitely see a use for this.

Thursday, A low ammo investment hunt with an equal amount of mining probes, both of which yielded results over 95% return, I like Toulan and it seems Toulan likes me. I do not normally mine but decided to try to get some of the resources necessary to try crafting some of Toulan’s basic items, unfortunately I was unsuccessful in finding enough variety of ores and en-matters to achieve this. It seems a bit of an odd thing to do, I would have thought that in order to encourage people to craft it would be sensible to make the finding of the right materials, even in just small quantities, a relatively easy task.

Friday, I found the mission broker that provides the back story to the planet and sets people on the introductory mission chain, he is not by the TP but near what appears to be a small stone landing pad. I did the mission chain as far as it would let me using my blades and some looted ammo and still managed a 86% return. Mining on the other hand did not go well, it seems that mining finds are near to where mobs are spawned and I managed to recoup only 40% of the investment.

Saturday, I had less than an hour to explore the PVP area (it was not long enough) before our recently scheduled departure for Arkadia, any figures for this would be meaningless as I spent almost nothing. On arrival at Arkadia I hunted some IFN Defence Bots and a few low end Smugglers, with my normal poor return. Later it was some Smugglers and some Oratan Miners with about the same result, I did get half way through the Oratan IFN Killpoint challenge 5 (80,000 points to complete). I can see the need for events in Arkadia Underground (where the Smugglers were), the return on the deeds has been poor and they are now selling for less than people paid for them. Underground is effectively an LA and needs to be managed like one but there is no one owner to do this. I personally did not like the Smugglers, they have the annoying feature of the lock failing and as you are firing your shots are at large intervals as you slowly creep nearer and nearer to the target which is reported as being out of range! I would have thought more conventional LA management would have been better with simple month long competitions to get people there for an extended length of time as opposed to just a weekend but then what do I know?

Sunday, A couple of Oratan miner hunts the first giving a decent return of 86% the second a poor 54%, still they were easier to see and hunt than the Smugglers. Wolta, Nocturaline and I decide we should visit Cyrene next but could not decide if it should be tonight or tomorrow night so I flipped a coin and we leave tomorrow night.

I shall be returning to Toulan, hopefully quite soon, I did enjoy the experience and I have lots of weapons to try to auction even though I TT’d a lot of low value ones whilst on the planet. I even joined the forum but have not had a chance to post yet.