Trading and manufacturing

Log entry for the 18th of October 2015

Monday, I’m on Arkadia and foolishly decide to try my luck, I seem to be particularly unfortunate on Arkadia and today’s Huon hunt was no exception as it gave a return marginally over 50%, with a loss of 235 PED, not good at all. I was planning to leave Arkadia temporarily anyway but due to this loss I was able to do so in disgust. I travelled to Crystal Palace and there amalgamated my loot before Teleporting to Chug’s Hideout on the surface. Here I purchased Lysterium and Piles of Garnets in order to complete the list of components required to tier the Igni up to 1. The upgrade process was painless.

Tuesday, I purchased Root Acid and Gazurdite ingots and proceeded to manufacture some RK-20s, quite a bad run, it produced only 8 units from 43 attempts. I also manufactured 76 PED of Welding Wire.

Thursday, I have decided to use the Dehera Immolation Sword and to this end repaired it. I then purchased an RK-5 BP and went to hunt the Rextelum, go figure! I did quite well with a loss of just 8 PED and reached 16650/30000 for The Supreme Rextelum Slayer mission. I purchased some Sweat and made more Welding Wire until I ran out of Alternative Ingots at which point I made 19 RK-5s from 56 attempts. I began placing my loots on Auction, such a ball ache.

Friday, I purchase extra Alternative and Ospra ingots and made a shed load more Welding Wire. Put more stuff on auction, some was bought.

Saturday, with the Igni upgraded to tier 1 I decided to make use of the slot and purchased a couple of weapon economy enhancers before trying my luck with the Rextelum. I used over 400 PED of ammo and both the newly purchased enhancers in order to discover that my luck was poor, in this instance economy enhancers were very not economic. I purchased the components necessary to upgrade my viceroy shin guards to tier 3.2 (clearly they were ready sometime ago). Later it was Space Skilling Saturday, after which Nocturaline and Myself descend to the surface of Arkadia where I purchase and repair a key 10 with the hope of the Sleepyheads doing this Sunday. That did not work out and we had to postpone until Monday.

This week I managed to lose about 550 PED and experienced a return of 66%.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


Back to the Home World

Log entry for 28th of June 2015

Another slow week for me.

Monday, I revisited the Huon. these really have become quite stingy and gave a very poor return, I decided to leave Arkadia, at least that’s what it says in my notes, certainly I did nothing more until.

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday took place in Arkadian Space so technically I’m still at Arkadia.

Sunday, Crystal Palace, I decide to take on the Krelitin, that mission (the 5k I think) won’t finish its self. The results were about average and if I recall correctly this was completed during a spit session. I TT’d to the surface of Calypso and began making Welding Wire only to run out of Sweat after not very long, I toured likely TPs looking for a seller but found none.

Considering I did so little I did manage to lose just over 300PED this week with a return of 71%.

Missing Space Skilling Saturday

Log entry for 21st of June 2015

Saturday, yes my week began on Saturday! I finally met with Sexy Spy Mona and purchased a batch of Welding Wire blueprints, it had taken some weeks for us to both be on the same planet, odd that it should be Arkadia. I went a hunting Huon and found myself amongst a herd of Alphas and bigger, it took a while to find somewhere to spawn the Sleipnir so that I could extricate myself. After which I went looking for the small ones and eventually managed a small profit so not a bad start to the week.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday but as the title attests I was unable to attend due to work, hopefully that will not be the start of a trend.

Sunday, at login I was close to some Huon which I despatched with the Archon’s Sword, the third and final one giving a decent global. I then moved to the Teladon, gaining a couple more globals and managing a bit of a loss.

For the week(end) I was 51PED in the black with a return of 107%. Not bad for a 2 day week.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Kicking back a bit more

Log entry for the 1st of February 2015.

Monday, I began the week on Crystal Palace where I enjoyed a visit to the Kreltin in Dome 2, I did quite well with a return of just under 119%, got one global that was a little short of 300PED and completely failed to make any further notes. I’m guessing I was drunk in charge of a pistol (again).

Friday, yes Friday, it seems I kicked back quite a lot this week. Today’s visit to the Kreltin did not go so well and I managed to lose approximately twice what I had gained on Monday, I did reach 110/5000 in the Kreltin Stage IV Iron Challenge so still a very long say to go there.

Saturday, Once again it was the Kreltin, they had not moved from Dome 2. I managed to claw my way back to somewhere approaching even with a nice global of just over 220PED, I got to more than 90% of the way through another level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) by using the last of my current batch of skill pills and I also reached 173/5000 in the Kreltin Iron Challenge.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday, this went well from a hunting point of view giving me a return of just over 147% and took me once more into the black for this week by getting a couple of Sleepyhead globals and a couple of decent loots amongst the Nova.

Sunday, I descended to the surface of Arkadia and tried a visit to the Huon, I had to do this in 2 parts due to time constraints, I did manage a couple of globals but lost, I remember the days when it was hard to lose on a hunt that got a global. I reached 708/1200 in the IFN Huon Stage 3 challenge and scraped the Laser Pistoleer (Hit)  to 93.5% towards the next level. I did notice the Karma Killer had used all of its Weapon Skill Modification Enhancer I’s so replaced them with Accuracy enhancers. I’m quite enjoying trying the different enhancers on the pistol, I should probably take some notes.

The total for this week’s hunting was a 31PED profit with a return of 101.64%, only a small profit but its really nice to get one just once in a while.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.