Very Sleepyhead

Log Entry for the 14th of September 2014.

Monday, the one behind the screen was not there, I waited but he did not come. I don’t understand the reasons, they do not apply within the Entropia Universe but from the impression I get the Entropia Universe is a more forgiving universe than the one on the other side of the screen. Still I am back on Calypso and I have not had the annual gift from him, hint, although I do get plenty of others.

Tuesday, he is back but only briefly, I talk with Wolta and Anna and loan a BP to Una who was in need of some basic screws, it was something to do with daily missions, something I think I need to look into. I am at Boreas fighting drones again but not for long and not using a skill pill, the one behind the screen was unsure if he could stay a full hour, he could not.

Wednesday, another short session at Boreas against the drones, still using yesterday’s ammo, some bids have gone in on some skills which is exciting. I talk with Wolta who has been having little luck recently too, we have decided to travel to Next Island this weekend and to have Space Skilling Saturday there.

Thursday, I’m still at Boreas and still using the ammo purchased on Tuesday, the one behind the screen is more with it but still cannot stay long. There were 2 or 3 short sessions today during which I finished the ammo from Tuesday and found it necessary to despatch a couple of drones with my sword.

Friday, more ammo, more drones, not much loot. I did check Twin Peaks to see if anyone was looking for a transport but they were not so I headed to Chugs to try my luck at fight club. I took a critical in round 3 or 4 and died, I was quite surprised. I returned to finish them off but the event timed out on me. That has never happened before, maybe it’s been changed. I received the annual gift, some skills off of auction,  it has managed an improvement in evade which is always good, combat rule 1 is don’t get hit. I tried Fight Club again a little later in the day and finished all waves without getting myself killed but that does not test the time-out on the event. After that it was back to Boreas for some more drones. Later both Wolta and Nocturaline were on-line and we planned tomorrow’s Space Skilling Saturday, it will be in Next Island Space and we will warp there.

Saturday, I returned to the drones where I managed my first global of the week, it was on a gen 1, I have been mostly killing gen 5-10 so go figure. I completed the Drone Stage IV (30k) mission and took the reward in handgun, this gave me level gains to 55 and 47 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) and BLP Pistoleer (Hit) respectively. The gain in Laser was about 16% of the level. I went on to make some welding wire and looked on auction for some Repair Kit BP but found none.

I had a play with the Society Terminal, giving Wolta a much deserved promotion as well as changing our template to Explorers and altering the name a little. Somehow it seems more appropriate.

Later I put lots of stackables on auction before heading into the black for Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I descended to the surface of Next Island where I hunted various mobs, including Sharks, Drakes, Guardians and Grey Pappo though these last put me to sleep. Later I went to Ancient Greece where I fell asleep a second time. Later still I found myself in the revive cave so put on the 5 parts of Hoplite armour that I posses and took on the Brontes Cyclops, using all of the Archon’s Sword and most of the Herb Box, I got nothing of real interest.


On the home world

Monday, I spent a lot of time placing various items looted from other planets onto auction and TTing a few that did not come up to spec.  I would prefer to auction things locally but often this is not practical due to the low population of other planets.  Afterwards I paid a visit to the Drones at Jason Centre, they are definitely not as friendly as they have been in the past but the skill gains were quite good.

Tuesday, I was short on welding wire and rather than buy some decided to make it, I already had some BPs with about 350 clicks but bought another giving me nearly 450.  I had in store only Lysterium so had to purchase the Alternative Ingots and the Ospra Ingots at auction and then find a sweat seller. Once I had more than enough ingredients I soon rattled through the clicks and now have enough Welding Wire to last a few weeks, I hope.
I bumped into Feyn An Talitha, we had been waiting to exchange some pixie parts and did this. She has found a niche creating face tattoos and the one I have seen on her website is pretty cool.  She is interested in acquiring my old apartment at Sakura and we are negotiating a deal.

Wednesday, Only 2 of the items placed on Auction on Monday are still for sale, quite surprised, maybe I should be looking at auctioning some of the stuff in the shopkeeper. I made some more welding wire with BPs acquired at auction, Also managed to add a piece of Hoplite chest armour to my set, only a couple of bits left to get now. That was it, just too tired to hunt!

Thursday, I was still tired, I just wandered about from TP to TP forgetting why I was going there and then going somewhere else. I think I did this for a couple of hours before realising the futility of it.

Friday, off to Boreas to visit the Drones, these where much kinder to me, they even dropped some Aurora armour parts. I could not remember which suit of armour I had used against them before, the Musca +6a or the Viceroy +5b, I tried both, the Musca was better but not by much.

Saturday, The Drones at Boreas were so kind yesterday that I decided to visit them again, this time I made a loss but including yesterday’s result I was still ahead of the game but only slightly. During this hunt the Karma Killer clawed it’s way up to tier 5.1, this looks like the hardest level to tier so it will take a long time before I reach 6.

I decided to create a new armour set for Drones, I took the 6a plates from the Musca and added them to the Harrier set I acquired in the pack I purchased the other week, the Musca went into storage. I had been wondering what I should do with the Harrier, I think with the metabolic increase it provides it may help in backing away a little. Time will tell. I would prefer just swap the plates onto armour as when I see fit but in truth it’s a bit of a ball ache, I would like to see a way to add them that is similar to the method now available to equip a whole suit of armour in one go.

Come about 90 minutes before Space Skilling Saturday and the servers were experiencing all kinds of woe, I logged out as I could  not access a vehicle inventory but could then not log in again. I managed to get back on line with about 15 minutes to spare but could not then spawn my quad or use a TP. I logged again and contacted Wolta by e-mail, we decided it was best to cancel skilling this week as the servers where again down. I spent the time creating a Sleepyheads section on the site, this is for the core crew to use. I hope in time it will contain some useful content, at the moment it just gives those with access the chance to vote where we should go after Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I returned to Boreas twice coming away in the black both times. The Harrier + 6a combination was effective and slightly more economical I think, During the second session which was in the evening the servers were once again suffering, there was a notice on the Loader stating that:-

“Support message

We are recovering data from yesterdays database backlog, this infers extra load on the servers and that is the reason for the exceptional lag. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working as quick ad possible to get back to normal operation as soon as possible.”

Nice to know they can keep the service running while doing this kind of thing.

I reached almost 20k of the 30k killpoints to finish the Drone Stage IV mission, I should be able to complete it if I make an effort this week. Also getting very close to level 54 Laser Pistoleer (Hit), I expect to get that before I finish the Drones mission.

Hunting returns for this week were almost 102%, nice to see a profit no matter how small.


At Next Island (mostly)

Log Entry for June the 22nd 2014

It really has been a while since I have been to Next Island, it did not take long before I had the old feeling of liking it but not knowing what to do! I decide to fly about a bit and figure out where various mobs were, how tough they were and what they dropped so on Monday I tried Buccaneer Skeletons, Death Drakes, Chimera and Pirate Skeletons. The Skeletons are quite odd, for some reason they all kept their hats! I can understand that they no longer need to wear clothes, after all they do not need to keep warm and have no privates to cover, so why keep the hats? I can only think that they are ashamed of their new found baldness, pirates and buccaneers in life are portrayed as having lots of hair, the loss of which is obviously a cause for shame, so great a shame that they have to keep their hats. I did get a global from a pirate skeleton which failed to register on entropialife, as did 3 of the 5 I got during the week. I ended the day running some of the missions with Wolta, I could probably do some of them again, they have changed since I ran them. I do remember finding them quite good fun.

On Tuesday I just could not wait any longer, the Karma Killer had reached tier 4.9 last week and was ready for an upgrade to tier 5, I jumped into my quad, headed into the big black and set a course for Calypso, I made my approach z+ on Crystal Palace so as to avoid any entanglements and reached Calypso without issue, surface to surface the journey was a little over an hour. Everything I needed was on auction and none of had buy-outs that were much over the daily MU so I acquired what was needed and did the deed. I also got some tier V enhancers and stocked up some of the others that were running low. I’m currently using all damage enhancers but am thinking of testing some others, that can wait however.

I decided to try the newly upgraded Karma Killer and headed to Saba Camp and then east to play with the Rextelum, the pistol is more effective but the Rextelum took advantage of my generosity and I came away with very little by way of a return. On the upside I passed the half way mark of the Supreme Rextelum Slayer challenge.

Exiv was on-line, he had been wanting to join us for a week or so, so I offered him a ride back to NI, which he accepted, however after discussion it seems he would prefer to go to Arkadia where we could all meet at the weekend, it was late, too late for me to make it to NI and still get to bed at a reasonable time so we set course for Arkadia, Exiv went AFK and I chatted with a few people in Space Chat. About 2 AU out from Arkadia, Exiv logged out (it later transpired that he crashed), I changed course for the Space Station. A little latter he logged back in and after reviving found himself on Zeus. I had relayed this on Space Chat and very kindly Sally Sal Bridges offered to pick him up and take him to Arkadia, she was already en route and about 2 minutes short of Zeus. With that sorted I FL’d Sally found a quite corner below decks at Arkadia Space Station and curled up to sleep.

Wednesday, yes, it’s only Wednesday! Fortunately it was a relatively quite day. I had little time so I headed to the Arkadian Surface where I set to against some Oratan Miners, these were much more generous that the miserly Rextelum of yesterday, with a global and a near global. While I was hunting I had a chat with Sally Sal Bridges who had kindly accepted my Friend request of yesterday, it seem both she and Exiv had done quite well the previous night on Arkadia, with her getting a decent global and Exiv a small HoF. Seems we live rather close to each other too, well close in EU terms, probably less than 200 English miles. During the hunt I got 1/3 of the way through level 53 Laser Pistoleer (Hit), crawling along.

Thursday, time to return to Next island, I set off into the big black and headed straight for Next Island, I was about 30 seconds out of the safe zone when I realised I had not checked my stackables, rectifying this I discovered I was carrying all the loot from yesterday’s Oratan miner hunt and absolutely no ammo, genius! I turned around and headed back to Arkadia to put the stackables in storage and to get some ammo before continuing.

Approaching Next Island I decided to try some Cosmic Horrors and used the ammo I was carrying on them before I headed to the surface. With the loot in storage I got some more ammo and went fishing for some Island Sharks, managing a small global and very little else.

Friday, I entertained myself hunting Vulcan Drakes, I did not really have suitable armour so this was harder and more wasteful than it should have been but I quite enjoyed it. I was killed a few times when they ganged up on me but other than that I managed OK.

Later I accidentally began a hunt with blades (finding I needed to defend myself but not having any ammo on me} this hunt continued into Saturday as I was called away to complete a warp pick-up.

Saturday, The hunt with blades continued against various creatures and resulted in almost a 100% return, which was rather pleasing. I was asked for some assistance by a newish arrival one Feyn An Talitha which I gladly gave and had quite a long chat with her and assisted her with gaining  Morion Teleport.

Later I found I was unprepared for Space Skilling Saturday, having neither enough Welding Wire or healthy enough Rk-5 and RK-20 so had to make a quick trip to Arkadia. After which Space Skilling Saturday went quite well.

Sunday, Straight to Ancient Greece, Wolta and Nocturaline were already there. I found my Settlers garb no longer worked there so I was forced to run around in my underpants, it was that or wear a dress. I’m sure I had acquired some Hoplite Armour on a previous visit but was unable to locate it so I shall need to get some more, the auction had 6 parts but it was overpriced so I managed without it. Every item on the nearly 2 pages of auction had been placed by just one person, is there a market here?

I decided to try the Brontes Cyclops, quite tricky without armour but Archon’s Sword was very effective, healing was next to impossible so I only did it after I revived and was assisted in this by Nocturaline briefly. To my amazement I managed a small global, my first in Ancient Greece, and the hunt returned the first positive of the week . Later I hunted some Achelous in order to complete the Arachne’s Dilemma mission, this hunt also produced a positive. I find myself wondering if this is an Ancient Greece or a melee weapon phenomenon. I think there is only one way to find out but it will have to wait until next week.

My total return for this week was 71.75%, it was only this good due to the events in Ancient Greece.