Laser Pistoleer (hit) & a Team HoF

Log entry for 14th of June 2015

Tuesday, I pay a visit to the Werewolves, they were not very friendly but I’ve known worse. I did gain level 38 in Evader though so I was quite pleased, I also reached 512 of 10,000 Werewolves for the History of Vampire Helena #5 mission, clearly a long way to go on that.

Friday, the Werewolves were much happier to see me and more than made up for their rudeness on Monday, I did not make a note of any other stats.

Hof-14-06-2015Saturday, Wolta and Myself went dragon hunting, we tried Neverdie Dragons first and found the lvl 62s too difficult as we both died a lot, the lvl 56s were better but still resulted in frequent deaths for us both. We were on the verge of trying something else when one came up with a nice HoF for the team putting us at number 66 on the board. After this we switched to Morrison Dragons, these were much better, though we still died it was not so often as to be an issue. We managed a further 2 globals from these before we called it a day and wandered off with our pockets jingling.

I returned to the Werewolves, these were still being of good disposition and a few more PED was made. I also dragged myself up to level 58 Laser Pistoleer (hit), it takes me a long time to gain these even though it is my main activity, seems to be about 2 levels a year so at this rate I’ll reach level 100 in another 21 years. I may have to admit that this is an unrealistic goal.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday the result of which was disappointing as it reduced my weekly total significantly. Talking of which it seems I’m in the black to the tune of 126PED with a return of 110%, I could do with a few more weeks like that.

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Chela Bias.