A week in Space, well kind of

Log Entry for the 28th of September 2014.

Monday, my week begins aboard good old reliable Pathfinder XXXI (I do wish they would let me name it) docked at Crystal Palace. While there I decided to use the last of my PED card balance to hunt some Aurli, it’s so gratifying when I make a good decision, it happens so rarely. I used the Viceroy Armour with 5B plates attached, the Karma killer with 5 levels of damage enhancers and the A105 fitted. The hunt lasted until the A105 had expired. I got a couple of almost globals and a global of over 100 PED which included a full value Emik Enigma L1 (L), it seems the Aurli are better crafters than I am but then again who’s isn’t? The hunt returned a decent positive which is a good start to the week.

In order to have enough cash to repair my equipment after the hunt I had to TT a few stacks from storage, I ended up doing considerably more than that and managed to replenish my card to over 2K.

I returned to the ship prior to log off, I’m not sure why, maybe I’m beginning to feel at home there.

Tuesday, I had intended to visit Calypso to tier my Archon’s Sword and my Herb Box but after yesterday I decided to stick with the Aurli, I had 2 hunts, for the first I used the A105 and when it expired switched to the A104 though I only used part of the 104, for the second I finished after the A105 expired. Both returns were about 75% which is a definite improvement on last week.

Wednesday, a rest day, the one behind the screen slept and so did I.

Thursday, another run in with the Aurli, they won this round but they know I’ll be back. Later I headed out to the training ground in Pathfinder XXXI for some solo pilot/repair/gunner skilling, I did not get much of a chance here, when I tried to leave the pilot seat I found I could not and before I had a chance to re-log the ship blew, I could not face another journey to the training grounds so called it a night.

Friday, a couple of hunts against the Cosmic Horrors, the first in  Pathfinder XXXI the second in my quad, having learnt my lesson yesterday I tested leaving the pilot seat before engaging with the Horrors and on finding I could not I re-logged. The Horrors won both rounds fairly conclusively.

Saturday, still in space, I headed to the training grounds in the Pathfinder, once there I took on the Cosmic Horrors solo, as pilot I gather 5 or 6 into a tight group, hopefully draining them of skills in the process, I position the ship in such a way as just one gun will be able to get them all then switch to the gun and kill them, if I’m near enough I loot them if not it’s back to the helm to get close enough and then loot them. At any point during the process if the SI drops too low I run down to engineering to repair. The whole process is quite a slow one which is a good way to save some PED. I had purchased 100 PED of ammo for this hunt but had to top up a little at the end as I had an extra mob to take.

Once back at Crystal Palace I again visited the Aurli, this did not go very well (again).

Latter it was more Horror hunting during Space Skilling Saturday, a better result but still a win for the Horrors, on the upside I did gain an extra Hit Point bringing my total to 171.

Sunday, a Soc. team hunt with Wolta, this time against the Kreltin, Wolta is working on one of the missions so there was lots of adjusting of the Karma Killer’s damage by removing enhancers to allow a majority of the kills to be awarded to her whilst still keeping the loot fairly even. The Kreltin won this one as well!

Another week in the red, hopefully I will get one in the black sometime soon. I managed to get to over half way with the Aurli 1000 mission, I’m planning on going to Calypso tomorrow so I’m not intending on doing the next 500 any time soon but I will be back.