Log Entry 08-12-12. Shinkiba Update

Today I reached the 2k in the 10k challenge. I am not disappointed with my progress, quite the opposite, what with it being rather boring I was expecting to have wandered off to do something else by now.

I also managed a 70 PED shared loot global from a Daikiba Guardian the bulk of this was an Emik S50 (L) at full TT, at the time the Philosopher’s sword had burnt out and I had been taking on a few mobs with the TT shortblade, this was my first solo global from a TT weapon, feeling quite pleased about it but disappointed I missed the swirlies in the screen shot

The Philosopher’s sword reached tier 0.8 this evening. I am wondering what enhancers to add to it, it will be between economy and accuracy, as I need to get through the shinkiba/daikiba as economically as possible.


Log Entry 03-09-12

Today I completed the Shinkiba 5k Iron Challenge, quite pleased. I gained an extra strength and can carry a little more. I have noticed that my skills seem to be going up quite a lot more than usual, I guess that’s because I am improving a lower level skill than normal and still have the SIB on the sword.
I have started on the Shinkiba 10k Iron Challenge.