Outplayed by Pamela!

Log entry for the 20th of December 2015

I do nothing during the week but Pamela manages to sell 3 items, no surprise really she looks much better than me.

Saturday, I purchase a “Default Athenic Ring” from Nocturaline and test it in Fight Club. I survive but do quite badly, the ring however makes a difference during wave 4 when I am struggling to target just one Shinkiba due to them being so tightly packed around me. I restock Pamela and later run Space Skilling Saturday which went surprisingly well (I probably have Pamela to thank for that).

Sunday, I purchase a Dominax Original Boiga (L) and a BP to make Dominax Original Mamushi (L). It takes me a few attempts before I manage to make a Mamushi, it would have been cheaper to purchase one. I also take a 5 hour 100% Skill Pill and spend 1 hour in Merry Mayhem, there are no globals but I do get some good loots, I do however have enough ammo for a 2nd hour on my person and intend to continue with this tomorrow night by completing the second hour. Needless to say hours 3 to 5 will follow to burn the Loot Pill, I am optimistic of making lvl 60 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) before the new year. Clearly I am not taking my own advice of last week.

Results for the week (not including 1 hour in Merry Mayhem)  +60 PED, which was a return of 119%, not bad but I still think Pamela did better.


Igni (Ronda, tentatively) Vs Kreltin

Log entry for the 6th of December 2015

Monday, still on Arkadia and feeling unusually optimistic I visit the Gold Rush instances in the hope that they may still be open just for hunting but I am disappointed. Instead I provide a transport for my core crew.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I make a round trip to Arkadia.

Saturday, I’m on Crystal Palace so it has to be Kreltin, I have been eager to try the Igni against them. For a change they were pleased to see me. At one point I have to log and when I log back in sometime later I find myself in one of the trees and quite high up. I work my way down, eventually having to fall to the ground, fortunately the gravity is low. I kill 2 Kreltin in a row and both global, well that’s just good manners really. Later in the hunt I manage a 3rd global and I end in the black. I teleport to the surface of Calypso taking many PEDs worth of stackables and items with me. After storing the load I find and purchase the necessary and tier the Igni (Ronda, tentatively) to 3.0. I place items and stacks on auction and visit Pamela to update stock there before I try Fight Club, this also gives a positive result and a small global, it is becoming quite easy, it will not be long before I try it in less able armour. Space Skilling Saturday was a busy one, the loot was poor but I do gain a level in Captain.

Sunday, back on Arkadia I drop a 5 hour, 100% skill pill and have a crack at the Teladon. After 2 hours I’m down quite a lot, this in spite of 2 globals, one of which was decent, I manage to gain levels in Gunner and Grenadier. I end the week with about 2 hours and 50 minutes of skill pill still to use, down just 250 PED and with a return of 87%. Not bad.

Fight Club

Log Entry for the 16th of November 2014.

To be honest my notes for this week are something of a mess,  I don’t even know what day I returned to the Calypso surface, Monday, maybe Tuesday, I certainly was there by then because I paid a visit to Fight Club at Chug’s Hideout. I survived the trial without any problems, in fact it seemed easier than I recall and I did not lose to much for the trying.

Wednesday, Fight Club again, this time it seemed harder though I still survived, maybe I was just lucky on Tuesday, I was more fortunate financially today as I managed a small global and a smaller profit for my troubles. After I visited the Rextelum East of Saba Camp, I do no where near as well on these as I used to but it was fun and I did progress the current iron challenge.

Friday, Fight Club for the last time, the Shinkiba took their revenge, I did survive but it cost me, I guess I took all their loot Wednesday. I acquired some weapon skill enhancers I & II to try instead of damage enhancers, higher tier were not available so I shall just have to make do for the time being, maybe I should have a chat with Henry.

Saturday, I visited the Feffox and did particularly badly looking at the figures and making a guess as I have not plugged them onto the books yet, still money was not the purpose, I finished the current iron challenge, stage II and took the perception reward. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday fun but everyone was nodding off even though Sleepyheads got a global.

That was my week. Hopefully the end result was not dire, I will do the books later this week.

Skills, skills, skills and oh yes, did I mention skills?

Log Entry for February 2nd 2014

I seem to have gained some skills this week, this has been helped largely through last weeks unlock of Combat Sense as this is increasing all my hit skills rapidly, it was further assisted by me gaining level 45 Ranged Laser (Dmg), this has unlocked Wounding which has been busy increasing all my damage skills. Here is the rather monotonous list, not including the 2 already mentioned:-

Level 29 Ranged Gauss (Dmg), Level 32 Ranged BLP (Dmg), Level 30 Brawler (Dmg), Level 18 Mounted Grenadier (Hit), Level 43 BLP Pistoleer (Hit), Level 45 Knifefighter (Hit), Level 31 Plasma Sniper (Hit), Level 18 Pyro Kinetic (Dam), Level 23 Electo Kinetic (Dam), Level 43 Kinfefighter (Dam), Level 8 Enhancer Manufacturer, Level 28 Vehicle Structural Engineer, Level 13 Gunner (Hit). I also gained an additional Hit Point bringing me to a total of 162.

This was all achieved during just 13 hunts of various mobs and ammunition expenditure, most of these yielded poor returns with one as low as 35%. During one of these I did complete the 500 Kreltin Iron Challenge, this gave a nice reward of an 8.04 PED Handgun implant. Before taking this my Laser Pistoleer (Hit) had risen from level 50 to 50.4394% and after it was at 50.5520%, half a level in a week is a nice amount, the other half a level will no doubt take significantly longer.

Space Skilling Saturday 3 went well, it was in the pilot seat that I gained the HP and the VSE was whilst I was repairing. the Gunner skill gain was, yes you guessed it, while I was using the guns.

Wolta and I left Crystal Palace yesterday and descended to the surface of Calypso without any incident. Once on the planet I went to Chug’s where I took on the Shinkiba at Fight Club, this week I survived quite easily, I think being sober helped.

Still no progress on the unlocking of tier 4 of the Karma Killer, it’s still stuck on 3.8, hopefully this will become upgradeable soon, I think it will make a significant difference.