A few missions

Log Entry for February 9th 2014

The first HoF in a very long while started the week, Wolta and myself were hunting rextelum in team when the fanfare went off after we looted a soldier, it’s something I would like to hear far more often, possibly things are improving!

Also team hunted with Exiv scoring a nice feffox global, this got me into hunting feffox, I had not had much luck with them in the past, I think I had only tried once when they were out of the nests though. I did a few feffox solo runs until I had completed the first challenge and gained 1.88PED in powerfist. These proved to be not to bad a bet at the moment with several globals being scored and even seeing a little profit at one point, it did not last long.

I also did a few drone hunts at Jason Centre, a bit of a blast from the past, the losses were quite low and I could use the Karma Killer with no enhancers and no amp so the costs were also low. I completed the 3K mission and took the 1.94PED in handgun.

After Space Skilling Saturday 4 I was on Arkadia were I set about trying to complete the 400 Scoria mission, I believe the reward is a decent amount of handgun so well worth completing even if the loot is dire, I have about 30 more of the creatures to plough through before I get that though.

I also spent some time working towards completing the 1200 (I think that’s the number) halix mission. Very dull but very cheap, using the Arkadian TT laser pistol.

Wolta and I finished the week running a Key 7, this was fun and it seemed a little tougher than I remember, certainly I seem to have used more ammo however maybe my previous experience was in a team of 3 as opposed to 2.

Just 6 skill gains this week an even split of hit and damage, nice to get them but things are slowing down there already.

The Karma Killer is still at tier 3.8, bugger!

Great big feffox off Feffox

Addendum to log entry of May 6th 2013.

I forgot to mention, possibly it’s beer related, possibly just that I have been doing other things. Some scientist developed the toxin to wipe out the Feffox, at least that’s what the evil genius proclaimed. I some suspect that he enjoyed a “MUHAHAHAHAHA” moment when the toxin caused the Feffox to mutate into the great big feffox off Feffox that are now roaming the surface of Calypso.

I did go to see one, it was an unpleasant experience, at least for me. Let’s hope this plot line evolves into a hunt down the evil genius and bring him to justice at the end of a barrel or a very serrated knife type thing. Better still he should be hoisted by his own petard and die horribly in the jaws of his own creations. No revive for you Mr. evil genius scientist Charles Marvin.

Oh feffox sake!

Log Entry 17th of April 2013

I have been into two of the nests and let me tell you, this is not pretty! My first encounter was at the Boreas nest site, I soon realised these were a little on the tough side for me with my combination of of ursa/5a and P5a/A105, I could take the providers fairly safely although a lot of healing was required, guardians were also possible but very tough with more than one death occurring. My biggest problem though was the two crashes to desktop, by the time I was logged back in a half damaged mob would be almost fully healed and a lot of ammo was wasted. The PED loss on this expedition was rather high.

The crashes have been a regular issue for a while now, I do have a support case open for these as I tend to get them whenever there are many avatars about and more recently during teleports. By way of consolation I am not the only person with the issue, MA are aware of it and are trying to resolve the problem. For my part I am planning on a complete rebuild of my PC when I can find the time, I even have an SSD waiting for the OS and AV.

My second foray was into the western nest, this was considerably easier and much more suited to my set-up, I still crashed (again twice) but I did make it beyond the entrance tunnel and losses due to crashes were considerably reduced. There was still a PED loss but nothing out of the ordinary. As I was able to progress further this was a lot more fun although I am not sure I will be trying many more of these. In fact it may be a good time to do the rebuild.

The feffox themselves are remarkably ugly, I was surprised at just how ugly, somehow I had imagined them to look like an ugly cuddly toy but you would not want to make a cuddly of these, so I am fully expecting to see one on auction after the next VU!