Laser Pistoleer (hit)

Log entry for the 4th of October 2015

Monday, I managed to start on Monday, I intended to try a bit harder but failed miserably. I’m still on Cyrene so I try a couple of Mang Chang hunts, only small ones, I managed 1 global and a fairly substantial loss however I managed to creep up to 98% of a level for Laser Pistoleer (hit), edging ever closer.

Friday, Froggy Fish! I visit the Merefolken, apparently they have been making a folken nuisance of them selves, I kill enough to summon “Lord someone or other” who turns out to be even more of an insignificant wimp than I am. I managed 1 global and Laser Pistoleer (hit) increased to 98.71% with a loss of about 50 PED. Later I have a go at some Dusters and then Stalkers, a significantly larger loss here, again I manage a global and Laser Pistoleer (hit) reaches the coveted next level (59).

Saturday, I prepare to depart Cyrene and head into the big black for Space Skilling Saturday, after which I arrive on Next Island.


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Chela Bias.