Getting an Aurli start

That’s just a terrible title and I apologise for it.

Log entry for the 30th of November 2014

Monday and an Aurli start to the week (the gag is so bad I thought I should use it twice), I have been plugging away at the Aurli stage III challenge (Kill 1000) and try to progress this whenever I am at Crystal Palace. I had 500PED of Universal Ammo with me, and set out to use as much as it would take to expire my A105, HoF20141124loot was poor and according to reports had been all day but unusually I had a good feeling about things and not too long into my hunt was rewarded with a very poor global. Still I felt good and kept going and just 5 minutes later a pretty decent HoF occurred taking me to number 3 on the board. Later still a second (slightly better than the fist) global was acquired. Shortly after my A105 was in need of repair, as things seemed to be going my way I dusted off my portable repair unit, fully repaired the A105 and continued to slaughter the Aurli, however my luck had run out and I did not get any more loots big enough to register as globals however one was in the 40 PED bracket. During this phase of the hunt I found myself in an area where the Aurli seemed to be spawn and at times I had 5 or even 6 of them attacking me, I survived this most of the time but did visit the revive twice.The second time the A105 expired I left the field of battle to asses my loot, and quite a good haul it was too, one full TT DOA Slugstorm (L), a shed load of shrapnel and a lot of ammo comprised most of value. The Ammo was sold, the shrapnel converted to Universal Ammo and the Slugstorm put in vehicle storage to be either auctioned or stuffed into Pamela when I visit Calypso and remember.

Nothing happened until Friday when I paid another visit to the Aurli, this also went quite well with only a small loss and it brought me to 819/1000 of the Aurli stage III mission.

I was feeling lazy so I TP’d to the surface of Calypso where I had a few things to do including naming my old snablesnot with a collar, I called him Spondulics. I visited Calico and Billy’s new apartment in TI City, which was nicely appointed. I also purchased a pair of Hoplite Armbands, finally completing the set.

After I was invited to one of Drop Zone’s famous Opalo Proteron hunts and I joined for the duration which turned out to be an hour making a very small profit and remembering how not to get killed, although I came close a couple of times. Casper, Drop Zone’s leader added me as a friend and we had quite a long discussion about several things including daily missions and hunting with some heavy hitters. After which I decided to do the Feffoid Cave mission to gain only my 3rd daily token although I’m sure I’ve done the cave more than that!

Saturday, I tried the Proteron solo and found I could do the young OK although there was quite a lot of healing involved I got 2 globals out of them the second one of which was very nice for a global and I managed a decent profit on the session. Latter it was Space Skilling Saturday, where I managed to lose just 2.6 PED hunting the Cosmic Horrors, a good day.

Sunday, I descended to the surface of Next Island and headed straight to Ancient Greece where I managed a few Steropes Cyclops to add to the mission, I need to kill 333 and have 5, this is going to be a long haul as they are tougher than me with my Archon’s sword and the Hoplite armour, I desperately need a healing squad. The present tactic is to pick out the weaker ones and then back towards he teleporter whilst attacking, I die at least once every time but this way I have less distance to travel to continue the attack after I revive and return to the scene and hopefully the Cyclops will not be too close to any others. A hard mission this one. I also did a few Brontes Cyclops just because they are easier. This hunt continued into next week but I’ll not make you wait for the result, the Cyclops beat me fair and square.


Calypso calling

Log Entry for September 2nd 2013

With the lack of resources described in my previous log entry causing me some issues I decided I should return to Calypso, I checked with Wolta and she was OK with this, we planned to leave the following day and set off for a last team hunt together for this spell on Arkadia, we did quite well against the Oratan Miners, managing 4 globals and a decent profit.

Once we had returned to Calypso (a small adventure in its self), I checked my storage, the auction and what was required to tier the Karma Killer and then purchased the necessary, with the upgrade complete I purchased some weapon skill modification III Enhancers and promptly fitted them to the gun. I really need to do some investigation in to how economical they are, after all it may be cheaper to not use them. I also placed quite a few items (mostly armour parts) on auction most of which have sold for a tidy MU.

Loot was up and down during the week, I decided to try Cyclops Depths in the hope of finding a crystal shard to upgrade an amp with but no luck and little loot from the Mind Reavers too.

Saturday night and I was invited to join a Drop Zone event hosted by Nocturaline, this was to be a race around the circuits near New Switzerland, I had looked at the map and the instructions Nocturaline had posted and I managed to get completely the wrong end of the stick. The first race was comprised of 3 teams each of 2 people in cars provided by and fuelled by Nocturaline. The two tracks were combined into a figure of eight circuit with the start and finish line at the centre. We were to go clockwise around the lower loop and anticlockwise around the top one. Everyone got it right except me, no surprise there, I promptly set off on the upper loop first, it took a while to realise my mistake and when I did I headed cross county to join the lower loop, I was disqualified on completion of the lower loop and rightly so :). My team mate was not too impressed as she wanted to win the prize (which was a car). Further problems occurred when several of the cars were auto-recalled to storage, one of them being my team mate’s so I went and picked her up in the Sleipnir. Only 2 cars survived the circuit both of which were on the blue team. These 2 drivers then faced each other in a final with the winner being Casper.

Almost all of Nocturalines vehiclesIt was a fun event and I must thank Nocturaline for arranging it and supplying all that was necessary. It seems she is a bit of a vehicle freak, she sent me a picture during the week of her and almost all her vehicles, missing is a boat and a hoverboard. She has since purchased more. Apparently it took over an hour to spawn all of these. Not sure i would have had the patience :).

I entered the Atrax event Sunday evening and did quite badly, I was in 6th place immediately behind Anna Wolverine Queen (an old friend from my days at EUC), I managed to lose nearly 140PED to achieve this stunning rank.

This evening I had a go at the Rextelum, they were kind and I almost got back that which the Atrax took from me last night, I did manage to get passed the 10K mark of the 30K challenge which is quite good news, on the other hand there is still a long way to go.

During the week I gained and lost another disciple, another one who wanted me to supply them with a weapon and equipment so that they can play the game. Again I explained the role of a mentor was to guide and to advise not to pay. He dropped me as a mentor and was all pissed off about it. I really don’t get why people get annoyed when someone does not give them stuff but no matter. I am considering leaving the mentoring thing behind me this is the 3rd or 4th one now, it would be a shame as it is something I enjoy doing. Maybe I should write my mentor presentation here and near the beginning in bold, coloured and underlined capitals state that:-



I bet some f. wit still tries it on.

A lack of focus

Log Entry for July 8th 2013

I had to think quite hard for the title of this entry and am not really happy with it, however it is quite accurate.

My PED card was feeling a bit thin so I TT’d some low MU stuff from storage to fatten it up a bit, I do try to auction stuff but sometimes it just isn’t worth the effort.

Neo, the soc’s latest recruit tried out in the pit and was killed during wave 4, Exiv also tried out and finished on wave 4 also, improving his rank by 1.

I have tried some Rextelum this week but the results were poor so have left them alone most of the time. I did have a good fun Opalo, Proteron hunt with Drop Zone, they are hard work, with a lot of concentration required but well worth the effort.

I found myself in Rocktropian Space and decided to take advantage of the situation to “Serve the Nation”. The werewolves were not kind to me and after 2 hunts with large losses I decided that the nation needs to subsidise me if it wants me to continue with this, at least in the current climate. I had more luck against Panthers with a small global (the only hunting one I saw that day). I tried the Pop Dragons but they turned out to be Poop Dragons, right down there with the werewolves. I had to TT the low MU stuff from my Rocktropian storage to keep going. I did buy a couple of items from stalls while there for re-sale on Calypso, they did sell and I made a few PED that that way but not much more than the combined entry taxes of Rocktropia and Calypso. I also put some stuff on Roctropia auction, I expect I will be collecting it when I am next there.

The Longtooth arrived as part of the annual migration, I need to keep notes of this, I swear it happens more than once a year! This year I was determined to finish the 250 challenge, I was already a little over half way through, previous years had been bad with the exception of the first one, when it first started Exarosaur Elites counted as Longtooth. My initial hunts were all rather disappointing but Neo and Exiv in team seemed to be doing rather well with some nice HoFs and many globals. Sunday night saw me with a 1k plus HoF, still not enough to cover the losses but it helped a great deal. The few items I looted did sell quite quickly. I did complete the 250 challenge this evening and managed 3 or 4 of the 1k challenge before having to go.

Also this evening (and yesterday evening), Wolta and I went hunting Exarosaur Elites near to Cape Corinth, a small global yesterday and a much bigger one today helped things along.

During the week I used up all the old Limited Armour and am now using the Ghost, I am fully unlimited! In addition the Karma Killer has reached tier 2.8, I wonder how expensive the upgrade to 3.0 will be? Talking of expense, it looks like it’s time to sell more loot so as to fatten the PED card a little.


Log Entry for June 17th 2013

Wolta has reached level 25 Vehicle Structural Engineer, awesome news for any transports we will be running in the future, excellent work Wolta. I am intending on discussing our plans for the Pathfinder with her this coming weekend, I think it’s time to try and get some more regular passengers, hopefully we will come up with some kind of plan.

I have been doing some more car racing with Nocturaline we tried Chug’s circuit a couple of times with one win each, we also tried racing around lake Penzance which is quite an exciting and flexible circuit, Nocturaline thrashed me on that one.

Tiger decided to try the pit again and this time survived but did not challenge me for leadership, we decided that in such circumstances the challenger can have the Soc. ranking system changed and he and PBG elected hunters, this has been changed and I am now telling the world that I’m a “Great Hunter”, this is clearly untrue. I do not like the ranking system but it is not my place to change it.

I seem to have gotten some enthusiasm back and spent some time hunting this week. I have managed to reach the 6k mark of the 30k Rextelum Iron challenge.

On Friday night I was East of Saba Camp tying to reduce the numbers of Rextelum I had already had a small global when I hit nice HoF, 1800 and something PED, been a long while since I hit one that big and as far as I know it’s the highest I have ever been in the Hall of Fame, 3rd place. I was naturally rather pleased. I became more pleased soon after when Wolta pointed out I was at number 15 in BIG Industries 100,000 PED Supernova event and that this event was due to end the following night, the prize was 1000PED for the top 100 loots during the event.

On Saturday evening Wolta and myself teamed and managed a 3 global Rextelum hunt, I managed a small gain whist Wolta managed a small loss, I think I just managed more hits on the bigger of the globals and that made all the difference.

Also on Saturday (at least I think it was Saturday) I joined Drop Zone for an Opalo Proteron hunt, this was great fun as usual but I was very tired and the soothing sound of gunfire made me nod off twice, waking each time at the revive, after the second time I called it a night.

The prize giving for the BIG Industries event was Sunday evening, Wolta and I did attend but there were some issues, Blastoise had connection problems and kept disconnecting, a bit sad for him really, I am sure he would have liked to participate more. Freyr stepped in and handed out the cash although I am sure Blastoise did some. I did leave and come back after about 30 minutes or so as clearly there was a lot of trades for them to get through. It was odd to find myself standing around in the company of so many heavy hitters but I hope to have the opportunities to get used to it!

The Karma Killer has reached tier 1.9 and is ready for an upgrade, I am in the process of getting the required materials together, I will be adding more accuracy enhancers, it is an unlimited weapon so it is very important for it’s economy to reduce the number of misses.

The old limited armour parts continue to expire and be replaced with Ghost, I think I just have the harness, thighs and gloves to burn now.

Some bigger robots turned up, well I say bigger they are the same size and basically the same robots just tougher, there were at least 2 (Shared Loot) All Time Highs from these. I did have a little go but quite often got nothing in spite of firing a lot of PED into the mobs.