Where’s Wolta?

Log entry for the 25th of October 2015

Monday, Arkadia, I begin the week with the Key 10 postponed from the previous day. Wolta, Nocturaline and Myself meet in the chamber and we go through the door together. This is the toughest key we have done but it gave us 4.5 hours to complete it so we were not concerned.

We ploughed our way through various creatures until at one point Wolta was killed, Nocturaline and I continue unconcerned expecting Wolta to rejoin us soon. After we cleared the chamber a message from Wolta appeared, she could not find us, I clicked on her in team and it became apparent from the highlight that she was below us. We moved into the the very high chamber that contains the statue and could see her running along a balcony below us. Informing her that we were on different levels and asking her to try to find a way back up Nocturaline and I continue to fight our way through the current level which was somewhat more difficult with just 2.

We descended to the next level and found Wolta was still below us, she was still running around an empty level unable to find a way up. Nocturaline and I continued and when we came to the statue chamber could again see Wolta, I took a few pot shots at her to attract her attention and we had a brief chat before continuing whist Wolta continued to try to find the way up. We fought our way though to the next level, I’m not sure if it was this one or the next that we finally joined up again, fortunately at the time Wolta was quite close to where we arrived so when the level was populated it was not to difficult for her to fight off the mobs, good job she was not in one of the densely populated chambers.

Together again we continued to the end, there were 10 chests to open, Wolta and Nocturaline took 3 each whilst I did 4. We got one rare item HoF with an “Arkadian Golden Key Codex Chamber”, I lost about 150 PED but the MU on the chamber is impressive so we should all cover our losses.

Later I began a Teladon hunt but got tired and logged about half way through.

Tuesday, I continued the Teladon hunt and managed 4 small globals in the space of about 20 minutes, I still lost but only 25 PED. Later I began a 2nd Teladon hunt and again bailed half way as my eyes refused to remain open.

Thursday, finishing the Teladon hunt with a loss of just 16 PED, I was quite pleased, no more globals but the Igni did reach tier 1.9 and is ready for an upgrade.

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday after which Nocturaline and I head to the surface of Calypso from Crystal Palace where I upgraded the Igni to tier II.

Sunday, I take part in defending Calypso from the robot invasion but got bored, instead I visit Boreas where I take on the Drones who are normally there, I actually make a small profit on the hunt which returned 112%. Later I offer some somewhat limited assistance to TigerPaw as she takes on the Legionnaires, this reverses the small profit made earlier.

Weekly result is -205 PED, a return of 91%, happy with that.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


Omegaton Igni L1100E

Log entry for the 11th of October 2015

Tuesday, My week begins in Ancient Greece, I still really like it there even though it’s been spoilt by all the tourists bringing in new technologies and destroying the native creatures. Talking of destroying the native creatures I embarked upon a pointless slaughter of some Steropes using all the technology at my disposal. The return was very poor at less than 50%, you may think the Steropes had the last laugh but there dead an I’m not so na na n’na na. I emptied my Ancient Greece storage of stackables and moved them to Next Island.

At this point my records seem to have a gap in them, I am not sure when but I know I took most saleable stackables and items from Next Island storage and headed back to Pathfinder XXXI at which point I logged and waited. Lizzy came on-line at some point and moved the ship to Crystal Palace and at some point after that I disembarked and put all the Next Island stuff into storage there. After that not sure how long after but I think it was Thursday, I headed to Zeus Space Station in the Pathfinder, overshot and whilst in Gordon’s Belt did a little skilling until the ship blew and both the ship and Myself were returned to Zeus Space Station where we docked overnight.

Saturday, I continued on to Arkadia, why this is not in the ships log I have no idea, some kind of brain fever perhaps, certainly I have days missing, possibly there is a hole I’m my mind. I remember going into the Arkadia training grounds and the ship blowing a second time, I have a vague recollection of repairing at Arkadia Space Station. It is at this point my records begin again with the entry “Arkadia entry tax 2pd” so I must have descended to the surface. I knew why I was there and wandered the streets looking for Nocturaline’s shop, eventually finding it I sought what I had come for and on doing so transferred all earnings from my Arkadia Underground Deeds and my Calypso Land Deeds into my PED card before purchasing the Omegaton Igni L1100E for +10k. Slightly overpriced I think but better to buy from a friend. I repaired the pistol before logging.
Later on re-logging Nocturaline supplies an Arkadian Key 7 and Wolta and Myself join her in this. I got to try out the Igni and was quite impressed, in just 45 minutes it got to tier 0.6, I did a good amount of damage without the need for amps and did not use too much ammo, I shall be watching the figures over the next few weeks. The key as always was fun, with multiple globals, I even completed a mission but I forget which one.
Later still it was Space Skilling Saturday which went quite well.

Sunday, Wolta supplies an Arkadia key 9 and Nocturaline and Myself join her, more fun was had, another mission completed (again I forget which), the Igni got to tier 0.8, there were multi globals and a rare item HoF (Arkadian golden key outer ring x2) plus my max health went up one more notch to 179, the loot was not too good though, unless the rare item sells on auction.

The weeks results were – 453 PED, 65.4%.

I like this gun and am considering giving it a name, more to ponder on.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

Mostly Arkadia

Log entry for 6th of September 2015

Monday, I have no idea why but I decided to try swunting, finding myself some Gallards I spent 2.5 hours slowly accumulating sweat and despatching those who could provide no more. I found this oddly relaxing.

Tuesday, Wolta supplies an Arkadian Key 7, and she, Nocturaline and Myself go through this, we manage to do these in a little under an hour, if I remember correctly it allows 3 so we could try something bigger. This was good fun and when Wolta opened one of the boxes I received a Dehera Immolation Sword the MU of which is around the 1000% mark, Wolta tells me to keep this and that Nocturaline has agreed, it is very kind of them. I am not sure if I will use it but will keep hold of it for the time being and decide later. Later we provide a warp service which kept us busy for hours.

Wednesday, I’m swunting again, again I find this quite relaxing and I catch up on a few podcasts while doing it. Later I wander Arkadia looking for a mob that will drop Animal Muscle Oil, I have decided to try to complete at least the first part of Mission Galactica so collecting the necessary quantities of items is the place to start.

Thursday, I continue to wander Arkadia looking for Animal Muscle Oil, it seems few mobs drop much of this. Later it’s my turn to provide an Arkadian Key, an 8 this time. Wolta, Nocturaline and Myself did this but did not do as well as on Tuesday, it was fun though. It took us around 70 minutes, I think a key 9 will be tried at some point.

Friday, I go Underground and take on some Oratan Miners, I managed a couple of globals but still came out negative.

Saturday, Nocturaline has sold her Arkadia Underground Deeds to someone who ordered them on Auction, with the proceeds she has purchased a shop on Arkadia and now, just like bas she “has business on Arkadia” and can act as though she owns Arkadian Space. Space Silling Saturday occurs and after we go to Crystal Palace. I descend to the surface of Calypso where finding reasonable orders on Auction for Arkadain Underground Deeds proceed to sell mine. I had been looking to do this for a while as they make so little revenue, with the orders being reasonable and me needing to spend quite a lot of PED next week hunting Kreltin it seemed an opportune time.

Sunday, I do some crafting, all the warps on Tuesday night have reduced the number of jumps left in my Warp Drive to a point where I need to carry a replacement so it’s time to make a new one, it takes me 3 attempts (I had only the components for 4) but I have a replacement Warp Drive.

This week I lost 325 PED with a return of 79%, not bad considering I was quite busy. I’m sure the 10 hours I intend to spend hunting Kreltin next week will lose me significantly more.

Sleeping tigers

Log entry for 30th of August 2015

Monday, I’m on Crystal Palace. The soc. name change takes effect, we are now “Sleeping tigers”, this brings it almost full circle, when I first joined the soc. was called the “Guardian Tigers”, it changed once before I inherited it and quite a few times since, I thought Sleeping was apt partly because of the Sleepyheads (core crew of Pathfinder XXXI the Ghost Ship), partly because many of the original Tigers are sleeping.

Friday, Teleported to Calypso as I had much to do there, I purchased some sweat from Antzy in readiness for the manufacture of Welding Wire tomorrow.

Saturday, I spend the day restocking and placing auctions. I made quite a lot of Welding Wire. Then purchased tiers 1-6 of 3 different types of Weapon Enhancers, most of these were from The Weapon Enhancer shop, Emerald Lakes Mall, Floor 1, Shop 13. Next I tiered my Viceroy gloves to tier 2 after purchasing some of the necessary components. Lastly it was placing stuff on auction which took quite some time, I still don’t like having to return to Calypso to do this but the way the system is it is not practical to do anything else, the recent changes that enable you to have the goods transported to you for a price is just a way to regulate trade and make sure the main market remains on Calypso, keeping the other planets on the periphery. I’m convinced a free market where the mark-up value of all goods split by planet was available would create a much more even Universal Economy, encourage the transportation of goods between planets and give the newer worlds a chance to build their economy. If that was combined with each planet being able to set its own auction charges a much more lively Universe wide economy would evolve of its own accord.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday, after which I went to Arkadia where I purchased a little more sweat, some of which was used to make a start on Mission Galactica.

Sunday, Nocturaline purchases a Key 7 and invites Wolta and myself to join here on this mission. As always this was a fun and intense session, once we had won our way through Wolta and I stood back to let Nocturaline open all the boxes. Thank you Nocturaline.

Weekly totals, a loss of 201 PED with a return of 70.24%