Many Kreltin just one Equus

Log entry for the 4th of January 2015.

Monday, I’m on Crystal Palace in Dome 2, I start with 540/1000 Kreltin, after today’s 2 hunts I’m at 656/1000 and lost only about 7 PED in the process. I met my first Kreltin Guardian and must admit I struggled to finish it, not a practical mob for me at the moment.

Wolta has put in a bid for an Equus Quad Wing, rather exciting that. I had considered it myself but I’m no fighter pilot.

Tuesday, just the 1 Kreltin hunt today bringing me to 712/1000 with a higher loss than I would have liked, no matter I’m edging closer to the handgun skill implant reward.

Wednesday, New Year’s Eve, 2 more Kreltin hunts, the loss on the 2nd one was very high, I think there were few people hunting as it was a little late, I ended at 830/1000. Wolta has won the auction for her Equus and between the hunts we take it for a spin around Crystal Palace, both of us were carrying our normal equipment and the poor thing hardly moved, I think the Pathfinder is quicker. We both begin to look at how we can get our equipment to under 100kg.

Thursday, New Year’s Day, I start a new diary and look at how much I have spent last year, it is scarily high, I think I may need to cut down on my time in the Entropia Universe. I manage 2 hunts today the first of which was very poor, not a good start to the year. The second was better but still quite poor, I claw my way to 942/1000, I should finish on the next hunt. I spend some time juggling equipment in an attempt to reduce my weight, I have one case with 0.8 AntiGrav so I can use that to help reduce the load but it’s hard to select what I should take.

Friday, just the 1 Kreltin hunt today, the results were very poor again, fortunately I completed the 1000 today and took as the reward the 16.09 Handgun Skill Implant, this gave me about 20% of a level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit).

Saturday, with the Kreltin mission completed I moved to Dome 1 where Wolta and I teamed to take on the Aurli, initially I used no amp on my pistol for this as the idea was to let Wolta take the kills and complete her Aurli 500, once that was done and the reward taken I fitted the A104 and tried to keep the kills even by holding fire for a few shots on every other Aurli, this mostly works except for the times when the Aurli ganged up on us. Another loss but a lot of fun, with a few cock ups which are always entertaining and 3 globals.

I took the teleporter to the surface of Calypso, I needed some supplies and to collect a few won auctions as well as placing some myself. While on the surface I was contacted by “jok star de PE LeMagniFIK” who gave me 70 PED for scoring 7 Ambulimax globals in OLA 17 about this time last year, I only vaguely remember the competition.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, Wolta and Myself lose as much weight as we can and go for a test run in her Equus, with us both under 100kg the Equus was able to power away from Crystal Palace and with that behind us Wolta engaged warp and took us to Next Island Space Station, the warp was very quick by comparison with my last warp to Next Island in the Pathfinder. Once out of warp we went to the training zone where we took on the Cosmic Horrors before heading back to the Space Station where we compared the speed of the Equus with that of my Quad, it was significantly faster. We then headed to the surface of Next Island. Where I hunted various mobs mostly using the Archon’s sword.

I managed to lose a little over 800 PED this week with a return of almost 85%.


I’m halfway there

Log Entry for January 26th 2014

A mixed bag this week, some very poor results and some not so bad, even had a couple of positives, maybe things are looking up.

I started the week on Crystal Palace hunting aurli and making a start on the 1k mission, not a very big start but it all counts, the results here were rather poor so I headed for Calypso where I set about completing the ambulimax 6000 point challenge, I had a reasonable return in OLA17 where I also tried a little mining for the first time in a long while also with a reasonable return. I finished the 6k ambulimax at Nea’s where I had a decent positive return for the first time in what seems like forever. I took as my reward the 12.56PED Handgun implant and this brought me to within a gnat’s nad of Lvl 50 Laser Pistoleer (hit).

After Space Skilling Saturday I took on the kreltin at Crystal Palace where I ended the week, this did bring me to Lvl 50 Laser Pistoleer (Hit), it also unlocked Combat Sense which has caused all my hit skills to increase rapidly as I gain skills in this, a bonus that will soon wear off unfortunately.

Wolta and I teamed on an aurli hunt which had a + result and was good fun, I think I’m beginning to enjoy team hunting a lot more than I used to. I then took on some more kreltin to bring me to 186/500 for that challenge, the loot has been quite poor but the reward is another handgun implant so no doubt I will continue.

Other than the aforementioned skill gains I have had quite a few other skill improvements this week:-

Lvl 10 Carpenter (go figure), Lvl 32 Swordsman (Hit), Lvl 26 Brawler (Hit), Lvl 32 Evader, Lvl 26 Grenadier (Dmg) and Lvl 24 Dodger.  In addition my average for combat has increased to Lvl 28.

I noticed a few weeks ago that the Karma Killer had crept up to tier 3.8 without me noticing the individual 0.1 steps however it has stayed there even though I have been using it a great deal, this seems the same as when it got to 2.8 and then took what seemed like forever to trip over to 2.9 and be upgradeable. I am quite looking forward to gaining a tier 4 slot, it is becoming quite a formidable weapon but I have a lot of catching up to do before I can use it properly.

My foray into trading last week looks destined to fail, the article almost immediately took a dive on the auction ratings and is currently worth less than what I paid for it, I’m hoping that will change and it’s value will return to it’s previous average in the next week or so.

A puny effort

Log Entry for January 12th 2014

I blame the NFL! The Wild Card weekend resulted in me having 4 games of football to watch as opposed to the usual 2, due to the blackout of games I did not manage to complete this until Wednesday evening, this resulted in very little on-line time. With the Divisional games being played yesterday and tonight I will not get much opportunity next week either.

I did try Fight Club again and once again I was killed in the 4th wave, this was entirely my fault I need to keep my wits about me in wave 4 however at the time I had consumed way too much alcohol. I did return to the pit to complete the task, wave 5 was harder then normal simply because the Kirkiba spawned on top of me.

Only 4 hunts of any size were completed this past week, the results were poor, again! I do hope that changes soon. I was hunting ambulimax again and have reached 4196/6k.

On Saturday Wolta and I each took 10 PED of ammo and went puny hunting, at the end of the ammo we compared how many bone samples we had looted with the winner taking the samples from the loser. This was a good idea from Wolta, it was fun even though we ended up hunting at different times as I had to log unexpectedly.

My only achievement in this  rather short week was level 42 Plasma Pistoleer (hit).

Wolta and I are planning on regular space skilling sessions, see the entry at

I did try a daily task, I had to kill 40 creatures the name of which completely escapes me, they were very small stone like creatures, easy to kill but not so easy to spot, a very dull task. It was a level 1 task, I shall have to try the higher levels.

Calypso welcomes me back

Log Entry for August 11th 2013

My first hunt back on the home world was on the Monday evening and resulted in a nice HoF, either Calypso or the Rextelum had missed me and had been saving their PED.  Either way I was quite happy about it. Needless to say the loot soon trailed off after that but it was nice while it lasted. I tried the Viceroy against some small Leviathan, it seems to offer more protection than the ghost but is still not as effective as I would like, I think the Leviathan got a bit of an increase in how much damage they can do at some point as I remember a time when I did not have to heal as much. I have reached the 9k of 30k mark on the Rextelum challenge and the Karma Killer has still not reached tier 2.9 although it does seem to be eating enhancers, I’m beginning to think something is going on.

Tuesday saw Nocturaline and I retrieving Exiv from Arkadia as detailed in the Pathfinder XXXI log.

Speaking of Nocturaline, she has created several pictures in a Gothic style and has a couple for sale hanging in Wolta’s shop, at the end of the week I purchased one for my apartment and have hung it above my desk, it should provide a worthwhile distraction for anyone sitting opposite me.

I spent sometime in the new instance, something deep I think it’s called, I really should make more effort to remember things. The Marcimex gave me a small offering as I pursued that iron challenge, I had to log out while still in the Marcimex’s chamber and when I reconnected the next day found myself back at the starting position which was somewhat annoying, it became rapidly more annoying when the Thorifoid Pyromancer kept summoning me as I tried to cross the bridge and eventually killed me returning me once again to the starting position, this happened 5 or 6 times before I got fed up with it and decided to just hunt some Thorifoid instead. I do not understand what was happening there I have passed him several times in the past and not been pulled back to his location.

I decided I would test the Viceroy armour in the Pit at Chugs, it did quite well, I was killed during the 4th wave but that was due to me being distracted, I’m sure in normal circumstances it would be adequate at that level, when it came to the Kirakiba it was another matter, I spent far too much time healing and was eventually killed before I returned to finish the mob off. For Soc. challenges I will need to stick with the Ursa.

The 7th anniversary of my arrival came and went. I asked most of those in my F.L. to join me in a celebratory hunt, most did not answer, some declined and Wolta, Nocturaline and M0niqa accepted. We began at Nea’s shooting Ambulimax but soon found they had very shallow pockets so moved on to Atrox around and North of Nate Valley, these also were somewhat lacking when it came to coughing up the goods. So we decided to call it a night, clearly the mobs were not happy about me being there for 7 years, maybe they will be more generous in another 7.