At Cyrene

Monday, an appalling hunt of Oratan Miners Underground resulted in me being very pleased we were leaving Arkadia, which we did late that night.

Tuesday, I descended to the surface of Cyrene in my quad, there was no one else visible in the vicinity of the space station though there was one other Vega class ship docked.

On the surface things have changed greatly from the early days, it seems almost civilised now. I accepted what missions I found throughout my wanderings and ended up hunting some Mang Chang with very little success. I could quite easily cope with Young, a Mature required some concentration and at one time I tried a Guardian which was definitely a mistake and involved more return trips via a TP chip than I can remember, they do regenerate quite quickly. I did try a Rhino Beetle Young but my armour was not up to the job.  Talking of Armour, my Viceroy Shin Guards reached tier 1.9 and are ready for upgrade to tier 2, the required materials for this are stored on Arkadia so it will have to wait.

Wednesday, Stalkers were tonight’s hunt, a standard hunt (250 PED of ammo, this is basically what it takes to completely use my A105, with damage enhancers in all 5 tier slots of the Karma Killer). I found these to be a reasonable mob for me to hunt, not doing too much damage to me and being killed quite quickly, the return was reasonable as well.

Thursday, I was low on funds, having only enough for a small (100 PED of ammo) hunt, I decided to try Skyshatter, these were a little on the difficult side, I tried swapping out plates on the Viceroy from 5b to 6a but it seemed worse! I did loot an Enkidd  but other than that the loot was unremarkable. Due to the amount of damage I had taken and healing I had done my repair costs were higher than usual and I found I did not have quite enough PED so I TT’d a little loot.

Clearly I have spread myself a little think of late, the upshot of planet hopping is that loot gets left in storage on the various planets and the PED card balance goes down. I need a different approach to loot if I am to continue such frequent travels.

Friday, I was broke but found a couple of stacks in my inventory at login, I checked my latest downloaded item list, the stacks were listed as being on auction, I guess this was from 1 year ago on Rocktropia! I TT’d them along with some Cyrene Stacks and got myself some ammo, I wanted to try some Tide Claw, not the tiny ones something bigger. So I checked Entropedia and headed to the various locations there, biggest I found was an old (I had noticed a couple of dominant globals) after about 2 frustrating hours of searching I gave up and logged off.

Saturday, the search for Tide Claw continued, I had  noticed on the loader a link to a Cyrene specific site, after searching on a rather difficult map I found, with Wolta’s aid, a couple of locations. I tried both of them and found that I could take the providers quite easily, the guardians were a bit difficult but doable most of the time. Once again I managed to half my money!

In the evening it was time for Space Skilling Saturday, so I saved a few PED by not hunting. Afterwards I got my feet on Rocktropia for the first time in quite some while.

Sunday, Rocktropia seems like it’s been hit by the Borg, vast swathes are no longer there, buildings are absent, mobs have moved to new locations. I was eager to “Server the Nation” and had to resort to planet chat to locate both the Lady Helena (now sadly in her grave) and the werewolves. That done it was time to kill werewolves, loot was quite poor on the first run but good on the second, I still find the amount of makeup that werewolves carry to be quite disturbing. Between the two hunts I had purchased the Gold Starter pack, solely for the skill pills and I popped one of these before the second hunt, the skill gain results were a big improvement though it seems I need to buy more than 250PED of ammo if I am to make use of the full hour, at least at the rate of fire I was achieving.

The pack contains a few other items, the armour makes me look like RoboCop, it gives an 8% increase in metabolic rate, I think that just means I can run faster, I need to test if I can get more swings with a sword when wearing it but I doubt it. The gun could work as a tagging weapon, I will need to test that once my current one expires.

In the evening roamed a little with Nocturaline, had a look around the Zeplin and had a play in the car that came in the pack, a lupus 4×4.

The week ends with a return of just over 62%, not good but I’ve known worse.