Happy Birthday to me. Well kind of!

Log entry for the 14th of August 2016

As you can tell I have not been doing anything other than Space Skilling Saturday for quite sometime now however this week, Thursday the 11th to be precise is the anniversary of my arrival on Calypso as a fresh faced colonist so I logged in for the traditional anniversary hunt.

Thursday, I was on Crystal Palace and there was no one to team with so I went solo against the Aurli, managed a couple of globals of 158 and 50 PED before I finished, oddly the A104 lasted the entire hunt, it normally only manages about 40 minutes but this time stretched to 60, maybe I was just slow. I lost only 25PED which is a as near to a birthday present as MA are going to give me.

After I tp’d to Calypso to help out Clyde, a friend who started the day after I did, he does not play much any more either.

Saturday, it was Space Skilling Saturday which went quite well. After I tried Aurli solo and naked, I managed 4 but it was touch and go at times with plenty of healing so I left it for another day. I would need a healer to make it practical I think.

Loss for the week was 55 PED and that gave me a return of 92%, if it was like that much of the time I would still be playing.



Mostly Space Skilling Saturdays, yet again.

Log entry for the 19th of June 2016

I’ve still not been able to be on-line as much as I would like, Space Skilling Saturday is the exception.

Afterwards this night I again visited Zomhatten for Kongs etc. I used up a Limited sword I had been holding onto for sometime and struck it lucky as during my visit a decent HoF was wrenched from Kong’s greedy fists. I ended up doing quite well with a 272 PED profit. This event is always fun and in my humble opinion the best in EU, I try to do it when I am awake enough.

The return for this week was 138 % being a profit of 173 PED.

Mostly Space Skilling Saturdays (still)

Log entry for the 29th of May 2016

I am still not been able to play much but have made sure that Space Skilling Saturday continues.

After SSS this week I again went to Zomhatten, and joined the crowd killing Kongs, Werewolf Gods and Things, I refrained from assisting with the kill of a Vampire Queen. This time I lost quite a large percentage but it was good to blow the cobwebs off of the old pistol (I can’t even remember its name, make or model)!

A return 54% and a loss of 240 PED.

Mostly Space Skilling Saturdays

Log entry for the 10th of April 2016

For various reasons I have not been able to play much, I have however made sure that Space Skilling Saturday continues, the link goes only to the latest.

After SSS this week I went to Zomhatten and joined with the denizens of Rocktropia in the destruction of various Kongs, Things, Werewolf Gods and I’m sorry to say Vampire Queens. Actually made a few PED too, it was good to be part of this again but I must not allow myself to get used to it.