1 Year of drivel!

1 Year of drivel!

This is not a log entry just an observation that it was 1 year ago today I started to post here. Quite a lot has occurred in the past year, I should probably go through and pick out some highlights but I do not think I will have the time, I have made an effort to update the banner though, my look has changed dramatically!

Thanks to the few of you who do read my nonsense, I hope you continue to as I embark upon year 2.


Some site changes

Just a couple of changes:-

I have removed the Globals page, it seemed a bit self aggrandising for my likes.

I have removed the twitter viewer, EU has not been sending tweets for some time now, which is a shame, it was a very nice feature. I do not know if there are any plans to bring it back. I am considering displaying the tweets of @ChirpyMutated instead if this is possible, as I find this service very useful.