Sleeping tigers

Log entry for 30th of August 2015

Monday, I’m on Crystal Palace. The soc. name change takes effect, we are now “Sleeping tigers”, this brings it almost full circle, when I first joined the soc. was called the “Guardian Tigers”, it changed once before I inherited it and quite a few times since, I thought Sleeping was apt partly because of the Sleepyheads (core crew of Pathfinder XXXI the Ghost Ship), partly because many of the original Tigers are sleeping.

Friday, Teleported to Calypso as I had much to do there, I purchased some sweat from Antzy in readiness for the manufacture of Welding Wire tomorrow.

Saturday, I spend the day restocking and placing auctions. I made quite a lot of Welding Wire. Then purchased tiers 1-6 of 3 different types of Weapon Enhancers, most of these were from The Weapon Enhancer shop, Emerald Lakes Mall, Floor 1, Shop 13. Next I tiered my Viceroy gloves to tier 2 after purchasing some of the necessary components. Lastly it was placing stuff on auction which took quite some time, I still don’t like having to return to Calypso to do this but the way the system is it is not practical to do anything else, the recent changes that enable you to have the goods transported to you for a price is just a way to regulate trade and make sure the main market remains on Calypso, keeping the other planets on the periphery. I’m convinced a free market where the mark-up value of all goods split by planet was available would create a much more even Universal Economy, encourage the transportation of goods between planets and give the newer worlds a chance to build their economy. If that was combined with each planet being able to set its own auction charges a much more lively Universe wide economy would evolve of its own accord.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday, after which I went to Arkadia where I purchased a little more sweat, some of which was used to make a start on Mission Galactica.

Sunday, Nocturaline purchases a Key 7 and invites Wolta and myself to join here on this mission. As always this was a fun and intense session, once we had won our way through Wolta and I stood back to let Nocturaline open all the boxes. Thank you Nocturaline.

Weekly totals, a loss of 201 PED with a return of 70.24%


Leaving Rocktropia

Log entry for 23rd of August 2015

Thursday, more Motorhead Security,  looking forward to Completing this mission, it has become something of a drag. I lose more PED than I care to.

Friday, my last hunt of Motorhead Security, I complete the mission and still have about 30 minutes of loot and skill pill (10%) so I move over and Serve the Nation for a while slaying Werewolves, an acceptable loss on this hunt. Later I spend an hour slaying Werewolves and did not do quite so well but have reached 1405/10k for the History of Vampire Helena #5. I took Dominique’s Domination #4 but made no start on it.

Saturday, I go for a wander on Rocktropia, it being my last day here for a while (I have plans), I had to terminate a few Mulholand boys and Rocktropians who made a nuisance of themselves. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I awake at Crystal Palace and store the stuff I have transported from Rocktropia. Wolta and I team as “Chug’s Nomads last team huntagainst the Kreltin, we manage in less than an hour, 4 globals (410, 51, 62 and 93 PED, including a couple of low/non existent MU items). This was an exceptionally good hunt and we both enjoyed it. The reason this was the last team hunt is because the Soc. name is changing (again).

The result for the week was a loss 76 PED and a return of 95%, thank the Kreltin for that.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

I am 9

Log entry for 16th of August 2015

Monday, Wolta very kindly gave me a generic fuse, this is for use in construction of a new warp drive for the Pathfinder. We then paid a visit to the Motorhead Security where between us we managed a small global and 5 items all of which were TT fodder. As always this was good fun. Pamela managed to sell the DOA Slugstorm she had been hanging onto for quite some time.

Tuesday, I am 9, I did nothing by way of celebration, I did not even login. In the past additional skills have been purchased to assist in my progress but that did not happen. It has got to the point where quite often these make little difference now but I suppose I should take a look at auction.

Saturday, once again I visit Motorhead Security, they are not generous but it seems I was. I did get a Health increase to 178 points, I also managed a couple of skill gains the most significant of which was level 50 BLP Pistoleer (Hit). Later it was Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, Motorhead Security again, they were less generous than yesterday though I did get a small global, I reached 732/1000 for the mission so not to far to go before completion. I spoke with Wolta about changing the Soc. name yet again and we decided on a new one which has been submitted for approval.

I managed to lose nearly 380 PED this week with a return of 71% considering that was in just 4 hunts it’s pretty bad. Happy Creation Day me!


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

A change of scenery

Log entry for the 11th of April 2015.

Monday, I’m still on Rocktropia and still Serving the Nation, A couple of Werewolf hunts each providing a return in the 80%s which is reasonable. I assisted one Miles Main Matheson in his attempt to gain a position in repair on a ship, Space Skilling Saturday went on a little late for him so I provided some contact details. I have not seen him on-line since. Mad Neo Force (a Soc. member) has decided to chip out and is selling all his possessions, its always a shame when this happens though I do understand it, I have considered it myself more than once. Though his play was spasmodic I shall still be sorry to see him go.

Tuesday, more Werewolves, they must be sick of me by now, I managed a 118% return this time which was a nice turn of events. I’m beginning to struggle a bit with a lack of PED, I have so much junk stored on Calypso and I really need to sell some of it so the current plan is to do that instead of taking the lazy option of depositing, it does mean I need to go there for a while though.

Friday, Werewolves, the final fling and another positive run giving me a 127% return and brings me to about 4840/5000 for the “History of Vampire Helena #4” mission, almost finished but I have told the crew and advertised on the site that this weeks SSS is at Calypso so I have to go. Lizzy kindly logs in quite late to transport an off line me and most of my Rocktropian loot to Crystal Palace.

Saturday, At Crystal Palace I TT some low MU loots already stored there and chance my arm, well my trigger finger, against the Kreltin, the return is a tad lower than I would like but I do get to 370/5000 of the Iron Challenge: Kreltin Stage IV. I also break the 60% barrier on my journey to a new level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit). Later its Space Skilling Saturday.

That was my week a change of scenery and a loss of only 81 PED with a 97% return, I would like more weeks like that.