Weekend working

Log entry for the 7th of February 2016

That’s right I’m down to a two day week!

Saturday, I raid a Forest Temple and don’t lose too much, I come back with a global and reach position 4 on the rare item HoF table with an old style magnetic compass, it’s a stackable and I have no clue what it is for. Space Skilling Saturday goes well and I don’t lose too much. After I go through the zombie waves with a group already assembled and then take on Zombie Kong, actually managed a small profit from this but only due to some nice looks from the zombies. I did gain another hit point which brings me to 181.

Sunday, another Forest temple and again a small loss with 1 global and 1 rare item HoF, not sure what it was though.

In my 2 days I mange to lose 156 PED which was a return of 84%, not bad I think. I do have some real world issues which are keeping me from participating more, I’m hoping the break will help to renew my enthusiasm.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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