Some R&R

Log entry for the 10th of January 2016

After the flurry of activity surrounding Merry Mayhem I needed a break to prepare for my next task, a task I’m not sure I’m capable of but nonetheless will attempt. That however is not until next week, this week I rested from Monday through to Friday and only began my activities on:-

Saturday, I place a gun on auction and it sells quite quickly. Space Skilling Saturday occurs after which I stay on Crystal Palace.

Sunday, as I’m on Crystal Palace I decide to try my luck with the Kreltin, my luck was poor! I did reach 1783/5000 for the stage IV Kreltin iron challenge. After I rest some more, for some reason I feel reluctant to commence the next challenge but I’m not sure why, maybe it’s due to my probable failure?

Only 2 hunts this week, as always I include Space Skilling Saturday, the results are very poor: a loss of 277 PED which is a return of 53% like I said, very poor.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


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