Part time hunter

Log entry for the 22nd of November 2015

Monday, I log in and just hang about for a while, too tired to commit to anything I chat with a few friends.

Saturday, a couple of Magurg Breeder 2 hunts both of which are negative, the first one did give me a small global whilst the second one was bordering on disastrous. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday after which I returned to Arkadia.

Sunday, I did a full 2 hour session against the Magurg Breeder 2 during which I managed another small global, I was using one of the 5 hour, 100% skill pills I had received with points gained in previous sessions. After the 2 hours I quickly, stored, repaired and resupplied ready for the next session before logging. Whilst this hunt was still negative it was a significantly better return than the second hunt of yesterday. Seeing all the green skill messages scroll up the screen as I hunt reminds me of being a noob! Good skill gains although I have made no note of Laser Pistoleer (hit) percentage, I do not intend to do so until the 5 hours of the pill have expired.

I have managed to lose 570 PED this week which was a return of 73%.

I have also posted this some days after the given date, I have simply not had the time to finish the blog entry.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


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