Magurg Breeders, I’m going part time.

Log entry for the 15th of November 2015

Monday, I’m still on Arkadia so time for more Magurg Breeder 2, the results were as poor as for the usual mobs I hunt, maybe the shine has worn off. I resupply Weapon Accuracy Enhancers I and II.

Saturday, 2 more visits to the Breeders, returns were again poor with the first one being by far the worst. Later it was Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, another 2 Breeder hunts, I keep trying for the skill pills and just as well I did, the first hunt went spectacularly well with a return of 166% and 4 decent globals, the second was only a minor loss but also included a global. It was a nice way to end the week.

I should probably explain that although each session permits a stay of 2 hours I only stay for a little over an hour.

I have to admit it, the real world does not permit me to play as much as I did, I work father from home now and am tired much of the time. I’m missing my time in EU.

Return for the week was – 169 PED with a return of 93%.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


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