Where’s Wolta?

Log entry for the 25th of October 2015

Monday, Arkadia, I begin the week with the Key 10 postponed from the previous day. Wolta, Nocturaline and Myself meet in the chamber and we go through the door together. This is the toughest key we have done but it gave us 4.5 hours to complete it so we were not concerned.

We ploughed our way through various creatures until at one point Wolta was killed, Nocturaline and I continue unconcerned expecting Wolta to rejoin us soon. After we cleared the chamber a message from Wolta appeared, she could not find us, I clicked on her in team and it became apparent from the highlight that she was below us. We moved into the the very high chamber that contains the statue and could see her running along a balcony below us. Informing her that we were on different levels and asking her to try to find a way back up Nocturaline and I continue to fight our way through the current level which was somewhat more difficult with just 2.

We descended to the next level and found Wolta was still below us, she was still running around an empty level unable to find a way up. Nocturaline and I continued and when we came to the statue chamber could again see Wolta, I took a few pot shots at her to attract her attention and we had a brief chat before continuing whist Wolta continued to try to find the way up. We fought our way though to the next level, I’m not sure if it was this one or the next that we finally joined up again, fortunately at the time Wolta was quite close to where we arrived so when the level was populated it was not to difficult for her to fight off the mobs, good job she was not in one of the densely populated chambers.

Together again we continued to the end, there were 10 chests to open, Wolta and Nocturaline took 3 each whilst I did 4. We got one rare item HoF with an “Arkadian Golden Key Codex Chamber”, I lost about 150 PED but the MU on the chamber is impressive so we should all cover our losses.

Later I began a Teladon hunt but got tired and logged about half way through.

Tuesday, I continued the Teladon hunt and managed 4 small globals in the space of about 20 minutes, I still lost but only 25 PED. Later I began a 2nd Teladon hunt and again bailed half way as my eyes refused to remain open.

Thursday, finishing the Teladon hunt with a loss of just 16 PED, I was quite pleased, no more globals but the Igni did reach tier 1.9 and is ready for an upgrade.

Saturday, Space Skilling Saturday after which Nocturaline and I head to the surface of Calypso from Crystal Palace where I upgraded the Igni to tier II.

Sunday, I take part in defending Calypso from the robot invasion but got bored, instead I visit Boreas where I take on the Drones who are normally there, I actually make a small profit on the hunt which returned 112%. Later I offer some somewhat limited assistance to TigerPaw as she takes on the Legionnaires, this reverses the small profit made earlier.

Weekly result is -205 PED, a return of 91%, happy with that.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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