Mostly Arkadia

Log entry for 6th of September 2015

Monday, I have no idea why but I decided to try swunting, finding myself some Gallards I spent 2.5 hours slowly accumulating sweat and despatching those who could provide no more. I found this oddly relaxing.

Tuesday, Wolta supplies an Arkadian Key 7, and she, Nocturaline and Myself go through this, we manage to do these in a little under an hour, if I remember correctly it allows 3 so we could try something bigger. This was good fun and when Wolta opened one of the boxes I received a Dehera Immolation Sword the MU of which is around the 1000% mark, Wolta tells me to keep this and that Nocturaline has agreed, it is very kind of them. I am not sure if I will use it but will keep hold of it for the time being and decide later. Later we provide a warp service which kept us busy for hours.

Wednesday, I’m swunting again, again I find this quite relaxing and I catch up on a few podcasts while doing it. Later I wander Arkadia looking for a mob that will drop Animal Muscle Oil, I have decided to try to complete at least the first part of Mission Galactica so collecting the necessary quantities of items is the place to start.

Thursday, I continue to wander Arkadia looking for Animal Muscle Oil, it seems few mobs drop much of this. Later it’s my turn to provide an Arkadian Key, an 8 this time. Wolta, Nocturaline and Myself did this but did not do as well as on Tuesday, it was fun though. It took us around 70 minutes, I think a key 9 will be tried at some point.

Friday, I go Underground and take on some Oratan Miners, I managed a couple of globals but still came out negative.

Saturday, Nocturaline has sold her Arkadia Underground Deeds to someone who ordered them on Auction, with the proceeds she has purchased a shop on Arkadia and now, just like bas she “has business on Arkadia” and can act as though she owns Arkadian Space. Space Silling Saturday occurs and after we go to Crystal Palace. I descend to the surface of Calypso where finding reasonable orders on Auction for Arkadain Underground Deeds proceed to sell mine. I had been looking to do this for a while as they make so little revenue, with the orders being reasonable and me needing to spend quite a lot of PED next week hunting Kreltin it seemed an opportune time.

Sunday, I do some crafting, all the warps on Tuesday night have reduced the number of jumps left in my Warp Drive to a point where I need to carry a replacement so it’s time to make a new one, it takes me 3 attempts (I had only the components for 4) but I have a replacement Warp Drive.

This week I lost 325 PED with a return of 79%, not bad considering I was quite busy. I’m sure the 10 hours I intend to spend hunting Kreltin next week will lose me significantly more.

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