I am 9

Log entry for 16th of August 2015

Monday, Wolta very kindly gave me a generic fuse, this is for use in construction of a new warp drive for the Pathfinder. We then paid a visit to the Motorhead Security where between us we managed a small global and 5 items all of which were TT fodder. As always this was good fun. Pamela managed to sell the DOA Slugstorm she had been hanging onto for quite some time.

Tuesday, I am 9, I did nothing by way of celebration, I did not even login. In the past additional skills have been purchased to assist in my progress but that did not happen. It has got to the point where quite often these make little difference now but I suppose I should take a look at auction.

Saturday, once again I visit Motorhead Security, they are not generous but it seems I was. I did get a Health increase to 178 points, I also managed a couple of skill gains the most significant of which was level 50 BLP Pistoleer (Hit). Later it was Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, Motorhead Security again, they were less generous than yesterday though I did get a small global, I reached 732/1000 for the mission so not to far to go before completion. I spoke with Wolta about changing the Soc. name yet again and we decided on a new one which has been submitted for approval.

I managed to lose nearly 380 PED this week with a return of 71% considering that was in just 4 hunts it’s pretty bad. Happy Creation Day me!


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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