Yeah I missed a week.

Log entry for 9th of August 2015

It seems I missed a week with the blog, just too tired and too busy, I’ll try to catch up here with what little I have done.

1st Monday, I tried hunting (well it’s not really hunting is it? More like wholesale slaughter of the fish in a barrel variety except the fish fight back a bit) some Motorhead Security. I was too tired got bored and gave up.

1st Friday, more Motorhead Security, this time I managed to remain conscious and completed a hunt with one small global and a few almost globals, a small profit was achieved as a result and I dragged my worthless carcass to 442/500 in the Dominique’s Domination #2 mission.

1st Saturday, having noticed I have very low skills when it comes to decoys I decided to purchase the necessary to see if I can improve that. 1st Space Skilling Saturday occurred in the evening providing a largish loss.

1st Sunday, more Motorhead Security, this time with a decent global which gave another small profit. I finished Dominique’s Domination #2 and got to 117/1000 in #3.

A loss in the first week of 120 PED with a return if almost 91%.

2nd Saturday, another largish loss during 2nd Space Skilling Saturday.

2nd Sunday, 2 largish losses today nearly 200 PED on Motorhead Security and a little over 100 for Zombie Kongs.

A total loss for the week of about 450 PED and a return of 51%, is it any surprise I have so little interest!


From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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