Missing Space Skilling Saturday

Log entry for 21st of June 2015

Saturday, yes my week began on Saturday! I finally met with Sexy Spy Mona and purchased a batch of Welding Wire blueprints, it had taken some weeks for us to both be on the same planet, odd that it should be Arkadia. I went a hunting Huon and found myself amongst a herd of Alphas and bigger, it took a while to find somewhere to spawn the Sleipnir so that I could extricate myself. After which I went looking for the small ones and eventually managed a small profit so not a bad start to the week.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday but as the title attests I was unable to attend due to work, hopefully that will not be the start of a trend.

Sunday, at login I was close to some Huon which I despatched with the Archon’s Sword, the third and final one giving a decent global. I then moved to the Teladon, gaining a couple more globals and managing a bit of a loss.

For the week(end) I was 51PED in the black with a return of 107%. Not bad for a 2 day week.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


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