Kicking back a bit more

Log entry for the 1st of February 2015.

Monday, I began the week on Crystal Palace where I enjoyed a visit to the Kreltin in Dome 2, I did quite well with a return of just under 119%, got one global that was a little short of 300PED and completely failed to make any further notes. I’m guessing I was drunk in charge of a pistol (again).

Friday, yes Friday, it seems I kicked back quite a lot this week. Today’s visit to the Kreltin did not go so well and I managed to lose approximately twice what I had gained on Monday, I did reach 110/5000 in the Kreltin Stage IV Iron Challenge so still a very long say to go there.

Saturday, Once again it was the Kreltin, they had not moved from Dome 2. I managed to claw my way back to somewhere approaching even with a nice global of just over 220PED, I got to more than 90% of the way through another level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) by using the last of my current batch of skill pills and I also reached 173/5000 in the Kreltin Iron Challenge.

Later it was Space Skilling Saturday, this went well from a hunting point of view giving me a return of just over 147% and took me once more into the black for this week by getting a couple of Sleepyhead globals and a couple of decent loots amongst the Nova.

Sunday, I descended to the surface of Arkadia and tried a visit to the Huon, I had to do this in 2 parts due to time constraints, I did manage a couple of globals but lost, I remember the days when it was hard to lose on a hunt that got a global. I reached 708/1200 in the IFN Huon Stage 3 challenge and scraped the Laser Pistoleer (Hit)  to 93.5% towards the next level. I did notice the Karma Killer had used all of its Weapon Skill Modification Enhancer I’s so replaced them with Accuracy enhancers. I’m quite enjoying trying the different enhancers on the pistol, I should probably take some notes.

The total for this week’s hunting was a 31PED profit with a return of 101.64%, only a small profit but its really nice to get one just once in a while.


From the desk of
Chela Bias.


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