Kicking back a bit

Log entry for the 25th of January 2015.

I spent the early part of the week resting and did not do too much in the latter part.

Thursday, I tried my luck with the Huon, in spite of 2 small globals this was a fairly dismal return but I did advance the IFN Challenge Huon Stage 3 to 593/1200 and gained a little toward the next level in Laser Pistoleer (Hit)

Friday, I purchased a Large Universal Ammo pack and made a small deposit, I am going to try to use only Universal Ammo as it gives a more accurate result when calculating the returns on a hunt. Not sure how this will work out but I’ll give it a try.
I visited the Huon again, this time with a small profit and the bonus of an Hit Point increase which brings me to 174 maximum as well as reaching 654/1200 in the stage 3 Huon challenge. After I paid a visit to the Oratan Miners, here I did rather well with a couple of globals one of which was of a decent amount, combining the profit from this and the earlier Huon hunt I have got back my losses plus a little extra from yesterday. I reached 13477/60000 in the Oratan kill point challenge, I’m not sure if I’ve already done this one once

Saturday, a team hunt with Wolta against the Riptor and a few Oweko, I spent a lot of time trying to balance the damage we were doing, the idea was to allow Wolta to gain the kills but not by too much, as we use different equipment in can take a little while to get this right and I did get the credit for a few kills. The result was a small loss but as always Sleepyhead hunts are good fun.
In the evening it was Space Skilling Saturday, fun as usual but the loot was very poor giving only a 52% return and once again I went into the red.

Sunday, I returned to the Arkadian surface and again engaged with the Oratan Miners, the return here was even worse than against the Cosmic Horrors yesterday, which was very disappointing. I did get to 16507/60000. Shortly after I completed this I was required to perform a warp transport so I ended my week on Crystal Palace.

Loss for this short week was 378PED with an 84% return.

From the desk of
Chela Bias.

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