Lost in Space

Log entry for the 21st of December 2014.

Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time until I used that title.

Monday, I roam the surface of Cyrene, the place seems smaller and I am lost (again), It seems that almost every time I come here the surface has changed dramatically, there was a time I could find things but no more. I failed to find any decent mobs and of course decent loot has very high evade skills. I am plagued by an error message almost every time I do anything, I am not sure I can stay here for very long. Wolta logs out on Pathfinder XXXI and Nocturaline is already on Arkadia so I need feel no guilt about leaving a friend behind should I go.

Tuesday, today’s update changed the error, it now told me it was related to a particular mission, I think it was called “Improve your Skills”, or something like that, I failed to take a note however after abandoning the mission all the errors went away. Loot has forgotten to wear its armour and I take advantage of the situation.

Thursday, Loot decided to wear its very best set of armour today, I realised I had no chance and walked away from the Dire Weed, they were not counting toward the mission for which I was supposed to kill them anyway. I headed to Arkadia.

Friday, I headed to Crystal Palace, yeah, I had no idea what I was doing or why! Once there I began to feel more with it and set to on the Aurli in Dome 1, I was relatively close to completing the iron challenge Aurli Stage III (kill 1000 of the critters), so I set to against them with mediocre results but i did get a level in Evader.

Saturday, more Aurli, again the mediocre results but an increase in Ranged laser (Dmg) and I reached 960/1000. Space Skilling Saturday was a quieter than normal session but the Cosmic Horrors were unusually generous though no global was scored. Surprisingly, afterwards I was still awake so I revisited the Aurli in Dome 1 and completed the stage III mission as well as getting an increase on my combat average, now to level 33. I began the stage IV (kill 5000) as I was using a skill pill and did not wish to waste it.This session was also profitable, it seems Saturday night is all right for fighting!

Sunday, I moved on to Kreltin in dome 2, I had started the 1000 mission sometime ago but had not achieved much, after a couple of hunts I had cleared the 20% mark and gained a hit point bringing me to 173, always good to get another hit point, a nice positive end to the week.

I managed a little over 90% return this week and am rather pleased with it, certainly value for money entertainment wise.


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