Big GRATZ to Wolta

Log Entry for the 23rd of November 2014.

Monday, I started my week on Crystal Palace where I tried my luck with the Aurli, it was a poor decision but I did get some progress towards the current iron mission although at this moment  I don’t recall which one.

Thursday, I was back on Toulan, slaying Jeef Zajer, Sunjoq & Duhol, I started the 100 mission for each of them though was not sure if I would complete any of them this visit.

Saturday, as Thursday but with a significantly improved result and to my surprise the completion of all 3 of the 100 missions. I spent some time between the storage and the trade terminal selling lots of Toulan weapons and armour, at least the stuff with little MU. While there CANTBE (an old friend from the days of “Entropia Universe Chronicle”) materialised right next to me and we spent some time catching up. Before I headed back to Crystal Palace and then Calypso Space to be ready for Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I was not on line at the time but wish I had been as I would have been able to congratulate Wolta when she reached level 50 Laser Pistoleer (Hit). Big GRATZ to Wolta, it takes dedication to get that far.


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