A Slower Week

Log Entry for the 12th of October 2014.

Monday, Wolta and I teamed and went to the Calypso Training Grounds in the Pathfinder where we took on the Horrors, this was good fun, doing this mainly for the hunting is certainly more fun than mainly for Skilling but it it burns the PED faster. We both spent time as pilot, gunner and repairer, neither of us did well but we did enjoy ourselves.

Wednesday, Solo against the Horrors in the Pathfinder, I do not remember too much about it nor have any notes other than it looks like about a 90 return though I have not put the numbers into the ledger yet.

Friday, I spent some time on Crystal Palace hunting the Aurli again, it looks like a poor return and once again not memories or notes so it must have been routine.

Saturday, I visited the surface of Calypso, mainly to stock up on supplies from the auction, I got almost all I remembered I needed. A warp transport was completed and Space Skilling Saturday was quite entertaining.

Sunday, headed out to Hermes Space Station just because I do not remember being there before. Quite a dull journey.

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