Have ship, will travel.

Log Entry for the 31st of August 2014.

Monday, I started the week at Zeus Space Station where I began the journey to Arkadia. After arriving on Arkadia I visited the Madana so that I could complete the IFN stage 1 challenge. Later I visited the Otorugi, to work toward completing the 400 challenge, I think it’s stage 2, I got to 300 from just over 200 and was on a skill pill. My tagging weapon, a Modec VXT 100(L), expired, so I switched to an Assault Rifle (FA) but they do not last long.

Tuesday, I was just hanging about not really doing much when I heard someone requesting a warp transport.

Wednesday, still in space from yesterday and stayed there. I paid a visit to the Dropships in search of Tier VI Components but got none.

Thursday, as part of my travels I descended to Rocktropia where I picked up a Lux Secondary Armor Luggage from auction and placed a bid on something else before Serving the Nation by taking on the werewolves, I made a decent start on this stage, I think it’s the 5k and it looks like I’m already halfway through the Assault Rifle (FA). I checked storage and found some Tier VI Components, clearly something I have hunted here has given me some, I suspect it to be Zombie Kong but will need to test that.

My travels took me to Crystal Palace where I stayed over night.

Friday, I put all lootables into Crystal Palace storage before heading to Calypso in my quad. Once on the surface I retrieved a Rome Pedestal from auction and went to my home at Treasure Island Castle where I put Pamela on a pedestal. I placed a couple of items on auction and checked storage for Tier VI Components but found none. I headed back into the black and at Calypso Space Station found a red and a green triangle, while red came to investigate me green made a run for it, red noticed and pursued while I flew to Crystal Palace completely unmolested. I did not get enough time to hunt or move on so I’m aboard the ship for the second night in a row.

Saturday, straight to dome 1 and the lower level Aurli, I dropped a skill pill and spent an hour being robbed by the Aurli, I did manage a small global and got 3 skill gains, at the end I was 304/1000 on the Aurli stage 3 challenge. After it was back to the ship.

I did the Arkadia run in order to be there ready for Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, Late in the day I descended to the Arkadian surface and decided on a Huon hunt (apparently they drop tier VI Components, though of course I did not get any). I did manage 3 small globals .

Return for the week was not too bad at nearly 83%. Sorry about the constant jumping between logs for this week I will need to think of a better way to deal with this.


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