Level 54 Laser Pistoleer (Hit)

Monday, Wolta and I went a hunting Feffox, as is is always the case we had fun hunting together however on this occasion we had poor luck. Hopefully we will do better next week.

Tuesday, back to Boreas for me to hunt more drones, there are 3 Exterminators here now, there seems to be an extra one turning up each day, I have no chance against them so just avoid them while hunting. During this hunt I managed a small global and several good loots, more importantly I reached level 54 Laser Pistoleer (Hit) and am almost a whole 1% toward level 55. Very pleased. After I had finished I got the Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator out of storage and took a pot shot at the exterminator nearest the revive, I was going to try to turret it. I tagged it OK but was dead within a few paces, it did take it 2 shots but the 2nd one made a very through job of my demise. The hunt made a bit of a profit and clawed back some of yesterday’s loss.

After I purchased an RK-20 BP from auction, it had just 10 clicks on it and I used 9 of them to make 4 RK-20s, not a bad ratio, the last click will have to wait as I ran out of 1 of the ingredients necessary for construction.

Wednesday, another visit to the drones at Boreas, there are still 3 exterminators there, I think 1 of them is a new spawn, either that or the one I tried to remove yesterday has moved a long way. The drones were not so generous tonight but the skill gains still seemed good.

Thursday, once again I headed to Boreas to take on the drones, I did not do very well. The lag was bad and at one point a disconnect caused me to die and fail to claim the loot from a drone I had already killed. I think there were 4 exterminators there now, fortunately they are not very aggressive. I did manage a couple of skill gains, Level 41 Laser Sniper (Hit) and Level 46 Knifefighter (Dmg).

Afterwards I changed my percentage calculation formula, it is not possible to do this accurately as ammo is found in loots, so it’s not possible measure the amount used. I used to sell BP and weapon cells back to the TT, in future it will only be rounds of the type I’m using.

Saturday, in the morning I once again visited Boreas to take on the Drones, I think I can safely call this one a draw as I was up by 0.20 PED. There were no exterminators when I arrived but one did show up part way through the hunt. Kind of interested in what causes them to spawn. Later we had Space Skilling Saturday.

Sunday, I descended to Arkadia and promptly upgraded my Viceroy harness and thighs to tier 2.0 and 2.1 respectively, then purchased a few Defence Enhancer II to fill the slots on 4 parts of the set. I went to Underground to join in this weeks Smuggler event. This was interrupted by a call for a warp flight which Wolta and I answered. Upon our return to Arkadia Wolta and I hunted Oratan Miners and got a couple of Globals as Sleepyheads then I continued against the miners solo and got 2 more Globals.

Later I returned to underground with 1k of ammo and promptly lost nearly half of it, clearly this was a mistake on my part, I would have done much better to have left well alone and just taken the AUD profits, It was fun even though the Smugglers still do not autolock correctly.


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