Some time on the home world

Log Entry for June the 29th 2014

Monday, I spent the day hunting Brontes Cyclops, I was using my Archon’s Sword and repaired it 3 times, loot was good the first and third hunt both resulted in globals and a decent profit. I found the herb box just did not heal fast enough and would not keep me alive against an attacking Cyclops, the strategy therefore was just to attack, healing was only done at the revive. Whilst this did work quite well I decided I did need some armour in order to make this a little less arduous. Later it was off to The home world (Calypso) in the pathfinder, it seems I forgot to include that journey in the shop’s log, I do seem to be getting more forgetful, I will try to include something.

Tuesday, I tried both Atrox and Feffox, neither were particularly good though. I decided to try a little crafting and made 3 Breer P3a pistols using up a limited BP I had acquired at some point. I started trickling some of the Next Island Pixie parts onto auction as well as one of the P3a. I find myself wanting to return to Ancient Greece.

Wednesday, I revisited the Drones at Jason Centre, the loot was better but still not good, I tried crafting a few Weapon Skill and Weapon Accuracy Enhancers, which I put on auction along with the residue and unused components that I had purchased, I made a loss but I am not sure how to record crafting, it is the most difficult to assess as the ingredients are mostly not purchased from the Trade Terminal. Need to do some thinking on this one.

Thursday, I tried the Drones at Jason Centre once more and got a decent return (over 80%), I also tried some Longu down in LA6, again more than 80% return, whilst there I did a little mining which returned over 95% so things are looking up. I had a chat with Henry BabyOxide Ha about crafting and he gave me a few pointers which I’m sure will be useful.

Friday, I visited Boreas to take on the Drones there, 2 hunts both in the black. Whilst there I gained another Hit Point bringing me to 168, very happy, a good day in the Entropia Universe. Later it was off to Arkadia.

Saturday, On Arkadia, I had a poor hunt of Oratan Miners followed by a little more crafting, this time of Simple 1 Conductors and Welding Wire, combined there was a slight loss but I will probably recover that by not needing to pay the MU for Welding Wire. The day ended with Space Skilling Saturday and some more travel.

Sunday, Arrived at Toulan, I must admit to being a Toulan virgin, I spent the day roaming, finding TPs and Revives and trying my luck against all I met. My first hunt was very surprising, I had just 100PED of ammo from when I was landing in the Quad and I used this against whatever I encountered, the result was in the black and I had 13 weapons looted, Ok they are not high TT or anything but that many items was something to see. Subsequent hunts were not so successful but I still got many weapons.

Overall an interesting week, with several locations visited and mobs hunted, my return for the week (not including crafting) was a little under 88% which is a good result. I have been considering changing the Soc. name again but am not sure. Neo has been back on line and getting several globals as well as a HoF,

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