Got me a HoF

Log Entry for June the 8th 2014

Monday, I decided to take on various Oratan at or near to Steadfast Firebase. One of the camps there contains some heavy hitters, as it turned out too heavy for me but I tried with the A105 strapped to the Karma Killer. I used the TP chip a lot, managed to complete the first wave but wave 2 beat the crap from me and on returning to the camp via the TP chip I found it empty, the wave had timed out. I went on to investigate another camp (there seem to be 3 in the area) and then a mine. The return was quite poor in the end, I guess I had wasted quite a few rounds though.

Tuesday is Teladay or maybe Teladon day, hit a 53 PED global on the first mob which is always nice, unfortunately it trailed off rapidly from there and I ended up with a return only minimally an improvement on Monday.

Wednesday, I TT’d some stackables and placed quite a few more on auction before returning to Steadfast and revisiting the Oratan, I was busy at the mine when my head began to drop, the soothing sound of gunfire was putting me to sleep. I finished the round then logged at the mine ready to continue on…….

Thursday, I continued yesterday’s hunt and was rewarded almost right at the end with a 1488 PED HoF, number 7 on the board. I was fairly stunned, my last had been way back in October. I must admit I’ve missed it, there was a time when they were quite frequent, I hope this is the beginning of a roll.

Friday, again various Oratan in the vicinity of Steadfast but this time an exceptionally poor return, to be expected I suppose.

Saturday, this was a repeat of Friday in all respects accept that my Viceroy foot guards reached tier 1.9. I had to rush to get into space for Space Skilling Saturday, cut it fine but made it.

Sunday, you already guessed it, various Oratan at Steadfast, this time in team with Wolta, we did manage a shared loot global at one of the camps before I had to log. I continued solo on my return and managed another small global. The return was acceptable. I upgraded the Viceroy foot guards to tier 2.

Return for the week was 128% even with that HoF but it’s nice to be in the black one in a while. As you may have guessed I’m adding up the points on the Oratan 80K IFN killpoint Challenge, I’m about 1/4 of the way there.

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