Happy Birthday Arkadia

Log Entry for June the 1st 2014

The week began on a Monday (as indeed it usually does for me). There were various mobs attacking at Quarry and Arkadia Officials were present, someone said something about a rift. After a while the mobs started to spawn some distance from Quarry, along the path, they came with what seemed like long gaps between the defeat of one and the emergence of another. One of the Officials (I do not remember which), was being attacked by something, he ran from it shouting for help, I could not help thinking “NOOB”, anyone who’s been here any length of time knows you stay still so that others can both heal you and attack the mob.

I got bored and wandered off to do some IFN Defence Bots, I’m not sure what type of damage(s) they do but it’s different to drones as my Musca armour deteriorated slightly.

On return to Quarry sometime later there was some kind of quiz taking place, again it seemed an unnecessarily long time, this time between questions. I got bored again and logged.

I have been experiencing some issues with chat of late, it seems to freeze and the only way to unfreeze it is a relog.

Tuesday followed Monday (no real surprises there). I took on the IFN Defence Bots again, this time the higher level ones. These stay at a range and attack with some kind of gun, it’s very loud and the reload time is quite long. The range means I get an increase in accuracy due to the sights on the Karma Killer and the long reload time means I can do these without armour as when they hit I have time to heal, sure I died a few times but my technique improved. I continued with these into Wednesday (it following Tuesday) at which point I had completed the first IFN Killpoint challenge for these critters.

Thursday and I changed mob, this time it was some low level Teladon with the A105 fitted to the Karma Killer, this hunt returned a small profit after a rather nice global (218PED), in addition I gained Lvl 32 Ranged Gauss (Dmg) and the Karma Killer reached tier 4.8, looks like it’s time to begin the long haul to tier 4.9, oh well.

Friday and it was the turn of various types of Oratan to be slaughtered mindlessly and fail to pay their way, consequently on Saturday I revisited the Teladon who took back all they gave on Thursday and then some. I did gain Lvl 35 Ranged BLP (Dmg). Also on Saturday I noticed that Vinge had broken the back of her discipleship by passing the 50% mark so well done to her for sticking it out. Space Skilling Saturday went quite well with a few level gains. I also purchased and fully repaired an Arkadian Key 7.

Sunday and it was time to use that key, Wolta and I plunged into the depths at Aakas for about 90 minutes of intense gun play, needless to say we spent more than we HoF’d (never been the other way around) but as always a lot of fun and my hands ached afterwards, need to do something about the recoil on that Karma Killer. Later that day I over paid for a BP on auction, clearly I had drunk way too much to numb the pain in my hands creating a small pain in my wallet.

Returns for the week were 80.51%, a big improvement, that’s a value I can live with. The amount lost was very close to the spend on repair which if I remember correctly is how things are supposed to be.


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