Oratan Invasion 3

Log Entry for May the 18th 2014

Mother Earth was rather demanding this week and I failed to do anything until Thursday when I took on the Riptor for an hour or so, the Riptor won but I did get a couple of level increases and a small global.

Friday – Sunday, I was on Arkadia and was once again in the thin green line. This invasion seemed weaker than previous attacks with far fewer really large Lancers with area effect damage, disappointing. I did get an HP increase to 167 and a level increase in Knife Fighter (Hit). I did not invest as much in ammo for this invasion and spent most of my time using my Arkadia TT laser pistol (I forget the name) and switched to the Karma Killer for the heavier mobs, I think my biggest loot came from the TT pistol, I invested only 600 PED in ammo, my return was a little over 61%, so not a good weekend for me financially. On the upside I did increase my evade more than I would have and have a feeling I was getting good skills in laser hit.


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