Every which way!

Log Entry for March the 23rd 2014

I have spent most of the week in Space, skilling where possible, some was with Wolta on the Monday evening. My feet did not touch the surface of a planet (Calypso) until Thursday night. Maybe it would have been sooner but the Gold Card lock out issue took me off line for a day. Support was very speedy when it came to re-synchronising the login sequence with my Gold Card.

The New chat system was something of a shock! I struggled for about an hour before I had to go out and that hour was very frustrating. However on my return I began to get to grips with it, it’s very flexible with many new and good features, some fundamental changes are causing me a few issues still, I’m used to main chat staying in focus until I press ESC and am struggling to break the habit, the consequences are that I start typing while the main screen has focus and various windows pop into existence, which can be inconvenient. That’s not a criticism the update is a definite improvement and I am particularly glad to see off-line messaging available. There are a few bugs known and these will no doubt be resolved soon. Nice work MA.

Hunting this week has gone well for the most part, I have had some positives and some negatives and there has been an approximate correlation between decay and loss which is what I expect to see. That’s based on a statement made by an MA representative (Marco I think) a long time ago which basically said that MA makes their money on decay. I have hunted some Drones on Calypso, Riptor, Oratan Miners and Slashers on Arkadia. I even got globals from 2 consecutive Oratan Miners on Sunday plus a smattering of others during the week.

Six assorted skill gains this week plus a Hit Point increase, I’m now at 164. Looking at the skills I’m getting quite close to new levels in many hunting skills so I expect a spate of level increases over the next few weeks.

I took possession of my new base of operations on Calypso, Lake view #1 and have managed to procure a shopkeeper to install there. I need a week or so on Calypso to move my possessions and set up the new base, a dreadfully dull task, I moved just 3 items and got bored. Maybe this week will see me moving.

Vinge has been making good progress in her discipleship which is nice to see, she is crafting away when possible and joined us for Space Skilling Saturday 10 so more of an increase there. Hopefully we will do more together soon, some kind of hunt would be good.

Been a busy week, I’m bound to have forgotten something!

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