Skills, skills, skills and oh yes, did I mention skills?

Log Entry for February 2nd 2014

I seem to have gained some skills this week, this has been helped largely through last weeks unlock of Combat Sense as this is increasing all my hit skills rapidly, it was further assisted by me gaining level 45 Ranged Laser (Dmg), this has unlocked Wounding which has been busy increasing all my damage skills. Here is the rather monotonous list, not including the 2 already mentioned:-

Level 29 Ranged Gauss (Dmg), Level 32 Ranged BLP (Dmg), Level 30 Brawler (Dmg), Level 18 Mounted Grenadier (Hit), Level 43 BLP Pistoleer (Hit), Level 45 Knifefighter (Hit), Level 31 Plasma Sniper (Hit), Level 18 Pyro Kinetic (Dam), Level 23 Electo Kinetic (Dam), Level 43 Kinfefighter (Dam), Level 8 Enhancer Manufacturer, Level 28 Vehicle Structural Engineer, Level 13 Gunner (Hit). I also gained an additional Hit Point bringing me to a total of 162.

This was all achieved during just 13 hunts of various mobs and ammunition expenditure, most of these yielded poor returns with one as low as 35%. During one of these I did complete the 500 Kreltin Iron Challenge, this gave a nice reward of an 8.04 PED Handgun implant. Before taking this my Laser Pistoleer (Hit) had risen from level 50 to 50.4394% and after it was at 50.5520%, half a level in a week is a nice amount, the other half a level will no doubt take significantly longer.

Space Skilling Saturday 3 went well, it was in the pilot seat that I gained the HP and the VSE was whilst I was repairing. the Gunner skill gain was, yes you guessed it, while I was using the guns.

Wolta and I left Crystal Palace yesterday and descended to the surface of Calypso without any incident. Once on the planet I went to Chug’s where I took on the Shinkiba at Fight Club, this week I survived quite easily, I think being sober helped.

Still no progress on the unlocking of tier 4 of the Karma Killer, it’s still stuck on 3.8, hopefully this will become upgradeable soon, I think it will make a significant difference.

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