Some Aurli

Log Entry for January 19th 2014

It’s been another quiet week for me, once again the NFL has taken precedence. Next week should be easier as there are only 2 games to watch.

I continued with the ambulimax challenge and completed 3 hunts during the week which brought me to 5124/6000 for the challenge, again returns were dire.

After the Saturday Space Skilling session, which went quite well, I headed to Crystal Palace where on the following day I had 2 and a bit Aurli hunts which allowed me to complete the 500 iron challenge and get a few globals. I took the 5.25 Athletics Skill Implant, the only noticeable effect of which was  an increase in HP, it’s now 161.

Once done I spent some time browsing some of the stalls there, there are a couple of stalls where the MU is ridiculously high, no idea who would be dumb enough to buy from them.

Quite a few skill increases this week:-

Lvl 19 Mounted BLP (Hit)
Lvl 20 One Handed Clubber (Hit)
Lvl 31 BLP Sniper (Hit)
Lvl 6 Treasure hunter
Lvl 16 Grenadier (Hit)

I am trying a little trading again, I have done this in the past with some limited success, it helps to gain a few PED here and there to slightly offset the losses that are still rather bad.

I ended the week on Crystal Palace wondering if I should make a start on the Aurli 1000 iron challenge.

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