A puny effort

Log Entry for January 12th 2014

I blame the NFL! The Wild Card weekend resulted in me having 4 games of football to watch as opposed to the usual 2, due to the blackout of games I did not manage to complete this until Wednesday evening, this resulted in very little on-line time. With the Divisional games being played yesterday and tonight I will not get much opportunity next week either.

I did try Fight Club again and once again I was killed in the 4th wave, this was entirely my fault I need to keep my wits about me in wave 4 however at the time I had consumed way too much alcohol. I did return to the pit to complete the task, wave 5 was harder then normal simply because the Kirkiba spawned on top of me.

Only 4 hunts of any size were completed this past week, the results were poor, again! I do hope that changes soon. I was hunting ambulimax again and have reached 4196/6k.

On Saturday Wolta and I each took 10 PED of ammo and went puny hunting, at the end of the ammo we compared how many bone samples we had looted with the winner taking the samples from the loser. This was a good idea from Wolta, it was fun even though we ended up hunting at different times as I had to log unexpectedly.

My only achievement in this  rather short week was level 42 Plasma Pistoleer (hit).

Wolta and I are planning on regular space skilling sessions, see the entry at pathfinderxxxi.com.

I did try a daily task, I had to kill 40 creatures the name of which completely escapes me, they were very small stone like creatures, easy to kill but not so easy to spot, a very dull task. It was a level 1 task, I shall have to try the higher levels.


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