A New Year and into the red

Log Entry for January 5th 2014

As part of my attempt to post more regularly, here is my first offering of 2014.

Most of my hunting this week has been in OLA17 with a little at Nea’s, the prey has been ambulimax, I am trying to achieve the 6000 point challenge and gain the handgun skill reward. As BIG Industries has a competition in OLA17 at the moment it seems to be the best location, if I understand correctly there is an extra 10PED for each ambulimax global scored there in January. So far the loot has been poor. I am about halfway through the challenge.

At Chug’s Hideout I have tried fight club, I am intending to do this once each weekend. In a previous attempt I survived with little difficulty but this attempt resulted in me being killed in the 4th wave using the same equipment as before.

Also at Chug’s Hideout I have noticed an influx of heavy hitters, it seems “Art of War” and ” Blackangles HQ” are now using this as a base of some kind. I am used to being there alone, maybe seeing 1 or possibly 2 people there. Walking into  the building and being surrounded by such prestigious company is some what disquieting.

This year I have upgraded my accounting spreadsheet (again), Hopefully it will be a little easier to use and provide more useful results. So far I am quite liking it although I’m not sure how I will deal with crafting, I do not do it often enough to have gained a familiarity. So far the only down side is the 4 digit red number at the bottom! Though that is partly my doing.

I have been looking at purchasing some chips to try to assist me in balancing my “Ranged Laser (Dmg)” with my “Laser Pistoleer (Hit)” skills as at the moment I have not been able to find a weapon that will give me Skill Increase Bonus in both, I did purchase a “Laser Weaponry Technology” chip and this has made a small difference but not a significant one as it also increases “Laser Pistoleer (Hit)” all be it by a smaller amount, it does look like I am on course to reach lvl 50 in that within the next week or two.

Skill gains this week:-
Lvl 26 Mounted Laser (Hit)
Lvl 38 Laser Sniper (Hit)
Lvl 20 Gunner (Dmg)

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